10 Unique Postage Stamps

Though the postage stamp is a piece of paper used as a payment token on the mail, each one of it has some sort of uniqueness and history associated to it. Every stamp has a value and is usually sold at the post offices. Some of us do not know that the word stamp actually came from the concept of stamping that initially was done on a paper with ink and wooden stamp. After 1840, paper tokens were made which were to be glued upon the mail to be sent and hence they were termed as stamps.

We list some of the famous stamps round the globe that have been used over the ages. All the listed stamps are very rare and can only be found from a collector. We have listed the date of production and the price value for every stamp as well.


10. The Penny Black

The Penny Black was the first stamp to be made. This stamp was made in May 1840 and was issued by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for official use. The postage stamp had a price value of 1 penny. The Penny Black is not a rare stamp as such but since it was the first stamp the world saw, it is included in the list. 68,808,000 copies were made for this stamp in total. The stamp shows the side pose of the young Queen Victoria.


9. Basel Dove

The Swiss canton of Basel issued this stamp in July 1845. This was the first and only stamp issued by the canton of Basel. At that time each canton was responsible for its own postage hence no uniform postage was being followed. In 1849, a country wide postal service started. This stamp was designed by an architect by the name of Melchior Berri. There is a white dove seen on the face of the stamp carrying a letter in its beck. Having colors Black, Blue and Crimson, this was the world’s first tri color stamp. 41,480 copies were made until September 1854 after which the stamp was not valid for use.


8. Mauritius “Post Office” stamps

This pair of stamps was issued for use in 1847 by the British colony Mauritius, hence named after it. These two stamps were valued to be of 1 penny and 2 pence. These stamps are a collector’s item are classified as the rarest in the whole world. These were the first of the stamps to be produced outside of Great Britain. As of 1981, only 27 of the stamps existed.


7. Hawaiian Missionaries

Hawaiian Missionaries, the first stamp of the Kingdom of Hawaii. These were launched in 1851 by the authorities. Having a face value of 2 cents, only a few exist till the present day. Hence these are also considered to be very unique. Approximate value of a single piece of this stamp today is £450,000.00 for and unused one and £225,000.00 for a used one.


6. Scinde Dawk

Only 100 in number that exist on the entire face of Earth, Scinde Dawk belongs to the Indus Valley of Sindh, an area that belongs to Pakistan territory now. The word Scinde Dawk has been taken from the combination of ‘Sindh’ and ‘Dawk’; Sindh being the territory and Dawk means postage. This stamp was launched in 1852 and is the first postage stamp of Asia. Face value of this stamp is half Anna. (0.00032 USD).


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