10 Tips for Surviving in the Wild



5. Remain Visible

The best thing you can do if you’re lost is stay visible. Make the job of the person looking for you that much easier. If you have bright clothing, wear it. If you can get near open, high ground then get there. Finally, blow a whistle at periodic times throughout the day because this could possibly alert a search team as to where your location is going to be.


4. Signal for Help

Aside from staying visible, try to place yourself in a position that will increase the chances of a rescuer seeing you. For example, build a fire that can clearly be seen from far away- but don’t start a wildfire as this will probably kill you. You can also use the classic triangle symbol made out or rocks or any other material. This is the international symbol for distress in the wilderness.


3. Be Motivated

Never allow fear to consume you. If you allow emotions to take control then you won’t be able to make level-headed decisions. Instead, allow the adrenaline that you feel to motivate you to accomplish more things. Using that energy to build a shelter, collect fire wood, and make food would be much smarter than wasting it on being afraid. If you can manage to keep your cool, you’ll be much better off and get more done.


2. Water, Water, Water

The best advice you can take is to find water. No matter where you go, having water is going to save your life. This is especially true if you don’t know how long you’re going to be lost for. Clean water can be hard to come by so take the opportunity to collect it when you can. Drinking from a spring is almost always okay as long as the water is clear and not stagnant. If you have to drink stagnant water then make sure that you boil it first. There are purification tablets designed for this so if you have them to make sure that you use them.


1. Build a Shelter

If you are really lost, and you know that you won’t be found for a while, build a shelter. You might as well as safe/warm and protected until you’re rescued. A good shelter can protect you from the sun, insects, wind, snow, and even the rain depending on where you are. Plus, it provides you with a huge psychological boost. People who have shelters when they’re lost tend to have higher moral than those people who don’t have shelters.

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