10 Tips For Surviving a Bear Attack

Most people love spending time outdoors. Soaking up the nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery can make anyone want to spend time in the wilderness. But depending on where you are exploring, you may run into a bear. If this occurs, you’ll need to quickly think of a plan without panicking. Below, we’ll show you 10 ways to survive a bear attack as well as how to prevent it from happening in the first place.


10. Correctly Pack Foods

One reason why a bear may show up in your location is because they smell food. This is how most bears end up in people’s campsites while they’re sleeping. To prevent this from happening, place all of your “goodies” in an air-tight container. This way, the bear won’t be able to smell it.


9. Carry a Bell

One of the reasons why a bear may attack someone is because they are frightened. The best way not to scare them is to carry something on you that will make noise as you walk, like a bell. A lot of people think that by making noise you’ll actually attract the bear to you. This isn’t true. A bell will alert a bear that you are coming and they will be less surprised as you get closer.


8. Talk Aloud

Similar to the previous tip, talking aloud when you’re with other people will discourage a bear attack. Bears don’t like to attack when they feel that they are outmatched. When you’re with a lot of people, use this to your advantage and speak loudly. Make a lot of noise. Bears can get just as intimidated as people can.


7. Bring Bear Spray

Before you venture into the wilderness, bring a qualify bear spray with you. Bear sprays are effective because they will cause a bear to retract instead of attack. The spray itself is basically a form of pepper spray that is designed to be sprayed into the face of the bear. Since their sense of smell is so sensitive, most bears will run instead of staying and trying to fight. If you do have spray then always make sure that you’re following the manufacturer’s directions.


6. Look for an Escape Route

If you see the bear from a distance, quietly and quickly try to find an escape route. Simply keep moving away until you can no longer see them and they can no longer see you. Bears tend to have much larger personal boundaries than people do so they will get angry if you continue to walk towards them. In general, fifteen to twenty feet is too close for comfort. And don’t get close just so that you can take a picture. Bears don’t like this and can feel threatened by the flash and noise associated with cameras.

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