10 Things You Shouldn’t be able to Buy Online but Can

5. Explosives Detection Kit

Explosives Detection Kit
We can see why world has become such an unsafe and dangerous place for people to survive. The rule of the jungle is now being followed where they say it’s the survival of the fittest. People use every necessary means to get what they want. If this is on a legal level then well and good but sorry it’s not, if at any moment a question crosses your mind that if that ticking package is a bomb then run away! For no reason whatsoever should anyone want to test some unknown substance to see if it’s explosive. If you are the unlucky guy who wants to explore the mystery of the black pack then sure you can have this kit at $174.73. (Link)


4. A corpse

Honestly speaking, we were disappointed to find out that this corpse is not real, however it looks 100% genuine. You could literally be standing one foot away and not really be sure if it was real or not (except for the lack of smell and the slim possibility of coming in contact with a real corpse). The skin is made from liquid latex so even touching it feels real. Total attention to detailing is there. Each corpse is hand crafted  and is very durable in construction. The corpse is fully articulated so the head turns from side to side, the mouth opens and will snap shut, all the limbs move and the fingers can be bent into different positions. The site assures that this latex prop will give nightmares to whoever sees it. (Link)


3. Private Island

If you are sick of living in your government living or a multi-storey then may be you deserve an island and reign supreme (Link) or the case is that you want a lair for your coven then sure you can rely on the awesome internet. They don’t just talk about islands, they sell them! (Link)


2. Mail Order Bride

Trading humans is definitely not agreeble but purchasing a wife online seems good like it did to Johnny Bravo. And know what he found inside the box? A Giant! and then he learnt not to order a wife from ebay next time. However, this old toon impressed idea seems reality now and a couple of sites are offering this oppurtunity. (Link) As far as we thought that she won’t be shipped in a box but you would actually have to buy her a plane ticket while the website will do the necessary paperwork, however actual parcelling on local basis is also reported.


1. Sperm

Okay if the case is you want to have a baby but hubby’s swimmers just aren’t up to the challenge? Then don’t worry at all, as i said, internet is awesome, it has got your back; or cervix, I suppose. The site offers the donor search which is your selection tool to finding that perfect sperm donor.  (Link) Have an online order from this sperm bank, and whoa the material will be shipped to your doctor, and not to-your-door service caz’ hey why would you need it at home?

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