10 Things You Must Do on Mother’s Day

6. Please Her

Do whatever it takes to please her. Probably this never came across your mind but even grabbing your books can make your mother’s day special. If she wants you to study properly then do so. If she thinks that you keep your room dirty, clean it etc.


7. Remind Her of this Relationship

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Make her recall some childhood memories of yours. Show her that the relationship between you and her is the same. In fact let her know that it has got even stronger than before because time can only strengthen it.


8. Surprise Her

If you are far away take a flight and give her a surprise or send her a hand written letter telling her how much you love her. If you live with her, give her a surprise by enlarging a family picture and hanging it in her room


9. Apologize to Her

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It wouldn’t be really hard for you to apologize on mother’s day even if it was on other days around the year and similarly it wouldn’t at all be difficult for your mother to forgive you on her day. If you made her angry or upset, ask for forgiveness. This won’t make you small but will strengthen your relationship.


10. Do What She Would Love

That’s her day. Think about what she loves and what she has wanted on other ordinary days. Make them happen and make this day special for your mother. Do anything that she has ever loved. Write a poem or a song for her. Or bake a cake for her, or bring her plants or pets or whatever she loves.

One thought on “10 Things You Must Do on Mother’s Day

  1. Where I grew up in Germany, Mother’s Day was similar to the US. There also was a Father’s Day observed on Ascension Day, where the guys would get together, hang out and do guy things all day, away from family.

    Comparing those days, my mom always said the women got the raw end of the deal… again.

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