10 Things to Buy If You Are an Angry Birds’ Fan



5. Angry Birds Ball Points

A pack of 6 costing just a single dollar, can any item be cheaper than this? Does not seem so. This is a perfect gift to give to an Angry Bird fan especially if you are short on cash. Since these things are being shipped from outside US, shipping would cost some thing around $3 making the whole package for $4. Still not a bad buy to go for.


4. Angry Birds Shirts and Shoes

The shirts are available in so many colors and designs; this is a super hit item. For kids and for adults, all sizes are available. About the shoes as well, different types are available e.g. sneakers, slippers, etc. Prices vary from item to Item. Shirts cost somewhat like $16 with shoes costing $25 at average.


3. Angry Birds Cakes

An Angry Bird cup cake, who on Earth would not love it? These are available in shapes of full cakes for ceremonies and in shapes of muffins aka cup cakes as well. If you treat an Angry Birds fan with these cool little cakes on his birthday, you are sure going to make him giggle.


2. Angry Birds Bra

Costing in a range of $35 and available sizes of 34A to 38DD, who wouldn’t love anyone wearing these? The red bird and the green pig is hand painted on each pair using acrylic paint. This is an okay to wash bra with a permanent print. Girls, go for these for your own self. Guys, take a pair for your ladies. Since they aren’t being sold by Rovio, there is a great chance they may not be sold for long. Grab one of these for the angry b**bs before the stock finishes.


1. Angry Birds Costume

Last but not the least; let us talk about the whole costume. The whole costume costs $228 for the pair, one red bird costume and the other a green pig costume. The package includes mascot head, body, shoe covers and the gloves along with the tail. This is a one size costume and must fit an adult with 160cm to 180cm height and under 200 lbs weight.

One thought on “10 Things to Buy If You Are an Angry Birds’ Fan

  1. Although these Angry Birds Gadget, equipment, toys and food sound good, it’s kind of disturbing how much businessmen would raise prices and take advantage of the addiction of people. I’ve seen angry birds cake and plush toys here and by far, since the addiction started, those are two expensive things to buy.

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