10 Things to Buy If You Are an Angry Birds’ Fan

If you’re a smartphone user there is only a little chance that you haven’t heard of Rovio’s Angry Birds. Initially this game was launched for Apple’s iPhone in December 2009. Due to its immense publicity later it was released for Android based smart phones as well. It is said that since its launch, app store has sold more than 12 million copies of it.

Angry Birds has the most number of fans round the globe. No other game or smart phone application would have this much fans. We, in this list, bring you some of the items that any fan would love to buy or can be bought for any fan as a present.


10. Angry Birds Rubik’s Cube

The Angry Birds, being rated as a ‘puzzle’ video game, has the same genre of that of a Rubik’s cube. So that means any fan who loves Angry Birds would love to solve a Rubik’s cube which has pictures of the game’s characters on all the 6 sides. Such a good buy, isn’t it? A 5.7cm cube 0.5 pound cube is priced at approximately $7 on the internet.


9. Angry Birds Clock

Whenever there comes a collection of any fan items, clocks are always there. And why shouldn’t they be. Every room has to have a clock. These angry clocks may make you value the time a little more. Different web sites over the internet are selling these clocks for approximately $20 with a lot of different styles and colors.


8. Angry Birds Lego Army

Attention Lego fans, we have Angry Birds’ whole army up for sale in Lego version. So this is an eye catch for the kids as well. Every kid who plays with his/her Lego set, and has ever played angry birds would love to buy a set of these to play with. Since Lego is a trade mark and unofficial sale of Lego products is not allowed, we are not leaking the price and further details upon this item.


7. Angry Birds MacBook Sticker

Been made for iPhone in the start, the Apple family loves Angry Birds more than anyone else. Here comes an item for the ones using MacBooks. A laptop venial with a picture of some of the characters of Angry Birds is up for sale. Priced at $9.99, this is a good buy as along with the item itself, it is offering your laptop with a shield against scratches. Not a very bad buy, we think.


6. Angry Bird Back Pack

A thing all the teenagers would love to have. A bag pack having all their stuff, that can be worn on the back with straps over the shoulders and having an Angry Bird puppet at the back just adds a cherry on the top. This cute little bag is up for sale for just $10.99 which includes the shipping charges as well. So if you are or your fan friend lands in the age band, this is a cheap and handy gift to give.


One thought on “10 Things to Buy If You Are an Angry Birds’ Fan

  1. Although these Angry Birds Gadget, equipment, toys and food sound good, it’s kind of disturbing how much businessmen would raise prices and take advantage of the addiction of people. I’ve seen angry birds cake and plush toys here and by far, since the addiction started, those are two expensive things to buy.

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