10 Skills a Man Must Possess

You’re born without them, spend a lifetime acquiring them, and check them at the door on your way out. Brains and charm are fine, but a real guy needs to know how to do real stuff. Here, a collection of objects no man should be without. How many do you have? Learn to be perfect!


10. Military & Outdoor Know-How

military know how
Okay you like it or not but if you are flabby, you are not going to be get liked by the majority so you better know how to drop and give the perfect push up. A man should know the basic skills of every major sport, football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, and various forms of non athletic games such as poker, pool, and fishing. Attention to detail and knowledge of a game are vital. Remember you are her knight in shining armor so you should know how a knight to act in the modern society, practically it means you should be aware of how to run rapid in a canoe, hang food in the wild, skipper a boat, shoot straight, tackle steep drops on a mountain bike, escape a rip current, navigate with a map and compass and at least shine shoes.


9. Primitive Skills

build a fire
The seemingly primitive skills are often overlooked but you never know when all of sudden you need them. Lighting a fire is only half the battle, the way you build a fire – that is, how you arrange the wood – can affect how long the fire will last and the amount of heat it’ll give off during that time. If you can’t survive in wilderness, you are of no use! So a man must also  know how to build a shelter and find portable water in the wild, besides building fire.


8. Deal with automotives

Every guy would have been in a situation like a date with a beautiful girl and all of a sudden your car stops or may be when you reach back to your car after a romantic date, you realize you have forgotten the keys inside the car and then she looks at you with those innocent wide eyes assuming you know how to fix it. Surprise ladies, we are not all mechanics. However, after we face this tragedy, we shall realize that a guy must know how to jump start a car. Worth-mentioning here is that a man should know to deal a blow out, a punctured tire, drive in snow, conquer an off-road obstacle, maneuver the car out of a skid and better would be to know checking trouble codes, waxing it and replacing fan belts and so on and so forth.


7. Surviving Extremes

I might not be believing in 2012 end but many do! And many who don’t can’t deny the extremes one can face anytime, may be the next moment earth jolts and makes your luxury an extreme. Don’t take it too hard but yes it’s a fact so a real man should not deny it either since you might be living on a Dante’s peak or awaiting a cyclone, at least learn to survive extremes of temperature, since Darwin claim that nature protects those who are fittest seems to be true. Good for you and people associated to you shall be if you are good enough to survive a tornado and a flood. A little courage is all what we need but lack, never hesitate to rescue a boater who has capsized because one day you might have to escape a sinking car.


6. Technology

In the world of fast moving, you have no time to leave your computer at the repair shop to get it fixed. So the first thing you should know is how to protect your computer, not from your partner or kids but you must know fixing it. You can backup before hand. Installing a graphics card and calibrating HDTV settings should be a piece of cake for you. Know to take a perfect portrait and retouching digital photos, knowing to make a home video would be great.

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  1. I got all skills to a certain degree. I think that that the List is very good and that it should be the aim of all Men to aquire at least a low degree of all the Listed skills. Good Work! 🙂

  2. danish women wrote this for sure..and for you “miss” wtf? we´re not in 1950 anymore, deal with it

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