10 of the Scariest Rides in the World

The world is full of adrenaline filled thrills. Most of these thrills come in the forms of rides, which are located in various amusement parks around the world. Some people can’t get enough, and chase quicker and more powerful rides. Below, we are going to show you the top 10 scariest rides in the world.


10. X2

Located at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the X2 was first launched in 2002 and has been providing people with thrills ever since. This is a “fourth dimensional” ride that will drop you through 360-degree turns and unexpected twists. The ride itself is extended off of the track which allows riders to experience an affect like no other. If you are searching for the optimal combination of speed and height, then you should definitely check out the X2.


9. Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit, located in Hershey Park, is a ride which adrenaline junkies crave. Built in May of 2008, this scary ride has a whopping 120-foot drop that will plunge you straight into a 97-degree dip. This is the steepest angle drop that you will find in the United States. And the steep incline provides riders with only a few seconds to see the park before they are dropped back down. Once you survive the initial drop, you’ll immediately be plunged down another 100-foot drop that is combined with a cobra element and inverted cork screw.


8. Insanity

While Las Vegas is fun, imagine being suspended 900-feet over the ground as you ride Insanity atop the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. It really doesn’t get more suspenseful and heart pumping than this. This green colored ride will throw you through a variety of twists and turns and it will literally make you feel as though you are going to fall off the edge of the massive building. You’ll reach speeds of about 40 miles per hour and it will definitely be an unforgettable experience.


7. Colossus

Brace yourself because the Colossus, located in the UK, is not for everyone. Built in 2002, the ride contains a record number of 10 inversions and will throw you for a wild ride. You’ll experience a cobra roll, double corkscrews, and have a heart-line roll. If you happen to be in China you can find an exact replica of the ride which is called the “Tenth Ring Roller Coaster”. It was built in 2006 and replicates the Colossus to the tea. For those adrenaline chasers who love unpredictable rides with a lot of speed, this is the one for you.


6. Kingda Ka

You’ve probably heard about this ride before. Kingda Ka is by far the fastest and highest sailing rollercoaster in the United States. It is the “big daddy” of coasters and will send you whopping 450-feet into the air. You’ll reach a top speed of about 130 miles per hour, and you’ll do this in less than 4 seconds. And that is just on the way up. On the descent, you’ll be dropped down a 270-foot spiral drop that will leave you screaming. To put simply, you should experience plenty of positive and negative G force on this ride.


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