10 Renowned Personalities Who Are The Worst Speakers

5. Barack Obama

It may be a perception in the minds of many of his fans about his extraordinary speaking skills and public love. He has so many fans as well. He has been an excellent speaker over a period of time. But according to a communication agency, he speaks in a sing-song kind manner and sounds aloof. His more emphasis is towards script and teleprompter though he never got any professional training for using it. Apart from his behavioral flaws, some of his speeches suffer from minor communication flaws. He often makes gaffes while speaking spontaneously. These are so many communication flaws that a famous political figure must never have.


4. Timothy Geithner

His style of communication has been worst over the years. There sounded a lot of aloofness air and proved that he could not speak well. While announcing the financial stability plan, the style of describing and talking about economic strength did sound very appealing and attractive. Also, some points in his speech sounded irrelevant and overdone. He can be seen giving verybad expressionsand gestures as well. He sounds a bit awkward and worried. Also, over committing a genuine financial mistake (income tax error), the way he confessed his mistake wasn’t that good. This kind of speaking brings him in a list of bad speakers.


3. Edward Liddy

The Ex CEO, Chairman and president of Allstate comes in a list of bad speakers. He was also the CEO of AIG group. His misunderstood communication where he called the bonuses, “distasteful”, created a problem. The AIG continued to pay out handsome bonuses. Also, when he talks about those controversial bonuses, he doesn’t sound much great.


2. Bobby Jindal

How this guy comes in the list of worst celebrity speakers? Public speaking is not an easy task. One needs special training and skills for that. Governor Bobby Jindal doesn’t seem very comfortable while his public speaking. In his Republican Response Speech part 2, he looks confused and it seems very clear that he is not at all comfortable using a teleprompter. It seems as if he is using it for the very first time. Also, one won’t see a pitch or tone variation in his voice. It sounds same throughout the speech. The part one of the speech had the same speaking flaws.


1. Asif Ali Zardari

What makes him a bad speaker? His talk to Al Jazeera sounded good when it started, but seemed very reserved and boring monotone in the end. The speech sounded good, but the hand movements and confused facial expressions made the live appearance very formal. The kind of gestures and facial expressions that he gave in public are highly unacceptable for a political leader and president.

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  1. You may want to check out Edward Liddy’s striking similarity to the late Senator Ted Kennedy

  2. George Michael looks as though he night go down (lol!) because of driving around stoned. Hey, is this a promise or a threat? It’d be like shutting in most men in a harem! Lol!

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