10 Renowned Personalities Who Are The Worst Speakers

Over a period of time, there have been celebrity speakers who weren’t able to communicate and gave live speeches before their audience. Celebrities are more subject to critics and public takes more notice of their gestures, facial expressions and reactions. As most of their speeches and words are being recorded, they have to be more careful about their public speaking.


10. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

He is the president of Iran and has been a worst speaker after his elections. Mostly his speeches are about arrogant and dissented. His speeches and talks are mostly inconvenient and sound less political. There has been a lot of controversy regarding his speech on “World without Zionism”. The bad and somehow biased translation caused some problems. The statement “wiped off the map” has seen a lot of controversy and translations. Many news sources quoted as English medium means “a place to “cause a place to stop existing.” Lot of misunderstandings created as a result of his statement.

A foreign minister of Iran cleared up that no one could remove or eliminate a country from a map or made it stop existing. Whatever happened was a result of mistranslation and careless selection of words. So he is considered as a bad speaker for his audience.


9. Tiger Woods

What is it that makes this guy a completely bad speaker? Nothing much though has been noticed about him much but how is he considered a bad speaker? The answer is that he is a no speaker. And a “no Speaker” is a bad speaker. When you are a celebrity, you must stay in touch with your fans and people. No interviews, no clips, no serious statements were from his side, except a few ordinary “blog press releases” and some classic you tube game clips. Ordinary blog press can be done by normal bloggers and the style of addressing the audience is much better. Just some little words on great fan support and nothing very astounding or promising from his side. He is an excellent player but a very bad speaker and communicator. These kinds of blogs and speaking may not give him much fame.


8. Mark Sanford

What are the things that make him a public bad speaker? Quite a few can be mentioned. After being caught over an extramarital affair with Maria Belén Chapur, an Argentina based journalist, he disappeared from public. He behaved and spoke very childishly and weirdly during the press conference. After watching his confession, it sounds like a speech of an ordinary teenager boy who is caught by his parents. During the 18 minutes of his Unplugged Confession, he looks confused stressed and about to cry. While speaking about his absence live where he talks about his absence, the expressions on his face aren’t suitable for a Public speaker. Many celebrities may have gone through such circumstances, but they were able to communicate and speak well about their issues. Mark for sure lacks this quality of good public speaking.


7. Caroline Kennedy

She is a great woman with so many skills and talents. She happens to be a woman of tradition that marks so much diversity and skill with her personality. When she went public after being appointed at a New York Senate seat, came out. Her eye contact and her gestures were really strange and weird. Mostly she was seen using words like “ums and uhs” that sounds bad and highly unacceptable for a political public speaker. When she announced her interest in Senate seat, she sounded hesitant, less confident and uncertain, that sounds unacceptable for a political public speaker. If you can’t speak well, you may be publicly popular.


6. Carrie Prejean

WhatCarrie Prejean proved on Larry King Live Show, with extremely shocking words like “Larry you are being inappropriate,” sounded weird. The Ex Miss USA sounded weird and strange on the show. She threatened very badly to quit and leave the show. It can be said that she sounded a bit rude over the show. The words were even not suitable and the style of addressing even sounds very rude. If one looks closely at her expressions and behavior, she even switched off her mike in robust and anger. She repeated the “inappropriate” word so many times, that it lost its essence. This was an example of a very bad public speaking by a former beauty contest winner.

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  2. George Michael looks as though he night go down (lol!) because of driving around stoned. Hey, is this a promise or a threat? It’d be like shutting in most men in a harem! Lol!

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