10 Really Cool and Weird Computer Mice

Mus2 is a device based on a concept design of 2005 by artlebedev. The cordless optical two-button mouse not only controls the cursor on the screen, but looks like one, too.


6. Acrylic Mouse

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This uber cool mouse is built up of of acrylic sections with a silicone seal as a spring for the buttons.


7. Aircraft Mouse

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8. Busty Mouse

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With busty mouse in hand, you can enter the realm of pleasure on each mouse click.


9. USB Warmer Mouse

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USB Warmer Mouse is not an ordinary mouse but can keep your hand warm especially in winter or in a chilled working place. The upper side of mouse will get heated when you switch on the heat function. Come on! Get one! Say goodbye to your freeze hand!


10. Sony VN-CX1: Skype Mouse Phone

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Skype mouse phone is more than a computer mouse and can be flipped open into a fully functional skype phone.

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