10 Newly Discovered Incredible Species of Animals



5. Walter’s Duiker

Erik Verheyen, Gontran Sonet and Zoltán T. Nagy, the members of an international researcher team, discovered this new species of antelope. This new breed is very small in size and has a weight of around four to six kilograms. The name given to this new beast is Walter’s Duiker or Philantomba walteri which belongs to Duiker’s subfamily of antelopes. Its name is honor to Professor Walter Verheyen who collected its sample from a bushmeat market for the first time.  Walter duiker lives in central and west Africa where it is hunted usually for its meat and horns which are used as a food or ritual activities.


4. Raspy Cricket

The distinctive new type of cricket which has a bizarre behavior to surprise you is a raspy cricket. Crickets are mostly known for their destructive behavior towards plants but the new specie has completely opposite attributes, it is not only friendly for plants but it also acts as a pollinator. According to scientists, it is the first time when a cricket lends a helping hand to flowers in pollinating them. The scientist Sylvain Hugel who discovered the unique breed of cricket says that this insect belongs to a subfamily of cricket that is known for producing raspy sound. The new raspy cricket was found pollinating a rare orchid in Mascarene Archipelago, Indian Ocean.


3. Golden Spotted Monster Lizard

Golden spotted monster lizard is a human sized lizard which is discovered in Philippines. Its size is equal to a tall human being and has double penis and prefers to live in Northern Sierra Madre Forest, Luzon Island. The scientific name given to this golden spotted reptile is Varanus Bitatawa and belongs to Varanus genre of monster lizards. It has a length of 6.6 feet or 2 meters and has an average weight of 10 kilograms. It is bright colored specie with stripes of gold flecks. It has a blue-black body with pale green dots and its tail has black and green alternating segments.


2. Darwin’s Dark Spider

Darwin’s dark spiders are the new species of spiders that have the ability to weave largest webs that a single spider can make in the world. It is noticed that they can make up to 82 feet or 25 meters long web which is equivalent to large city buses. These spiders belong to Madagascar where their long-lasting webs span rivers, lakes and streams. The strength of their web silk is twice stronger than the silk of any other spider and ten times than Kevlar. The average toughness of its silk is measured 250 mega joules per cubic meter and 520 mega joules is the highest toughness measured so far which makes it the toughest biological material ever studied.


1. Louisiana Pancake Batfish

This pancake batfish was discovered just before the oil spill of Gulf of Mexico and is distributed only in the entire region of oil spill. It has a flat shape just like a pancake with spikes and hops on its fins and its eyes are huge and bulging. This specie is being the reason of curiosity among scientists for two reasons, one is its region of origination as it lives only in the affected area of gulf oil spill of 2010 which raises questions about its survival. The fish has another weird characteristic as it walks on its thick fins, no wonder awkwardly.

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