10 Most Weird Candles


1. Matchstick Candles

Oh wait what? you’l need another matchstick to ignite these matchsticks, yes because they are made of wax. A 12 candle matchstick set is there for those who love trying new things.


2. Cactus Candles Set

Is your place too rainy to grow cactus? Don’t worry burn it off!


3. Light Bulb Candle:

So what if your power supply went down, you can still ignite bulbs!


4. Bomb and Dynamite Candles:

A cool lay out of bomb and dynamite invites  fireworks.


5. Lego Candle (Building Brick Candles):

These eight-wick soy-blend, non-scented candles are sure to bring back the memories of childhood.


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