10 Most Valuable Companies 2017

5. AT&T

AT&T - Ten Most Valuable Companies
The net worth of AT&T is $254.11.92 Billion. This is a telecommunication based company headquartered in Whitacre Tower, Dallas, Texas in United States. It is the first largest provider of mobile telephony. They also provide broadband services. It was founded on the 5th of October in 1983 with Randall Stephenson as its Chairman, President and CEO. The company started as Southwestern Bell Corporation. Later they acquired AT&T and took on their name.


4. General Electric

GE - Ten Most Valuable Companies
The net worth of GE is $264.34 Billion. General Electric is headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States. It is an American multinational and is the sixth largest firm in the United States by revenue. It is a public conglomerate and was founded in Schenectady, New York, United States in the year 1892. Jeffrey Immeilt is the Chairman and CEO of General Electric. They are into household appliances, consumer electronics, electronic motors, entertainment, energy, locomotives, wind turbines, weapons and healthcare. They employ around 305,000 people. The founders of the company include Charles Coffin, Edwin Houston, Elihu Thomson and Thomas Edison.


3. Microsoft

Microsoft - Ten Most Valuable Companies
The net worth of Microsoft is $500.18 Billion. Microsoft is an American multinational corporation and their headquarters are based in Redmond, Washington. This company does not need any introduction as you are probably using several of their products right now. The founders of this company are Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft Corporation was established on the 4th April in 1975. They are most famous for their Operating Systems and Word Processor that is, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office respectively.


2. Google (Alphabet)

Google - Ten Most Valuable Companies
The net worth of Google is $570.20 Billion. Google, who is owned by it’s parent company Albhabet, is a company that does not need any introduction at all. I can bet that any person who uses the internet opens this website at least once in the day. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It was founded in the year 1998 on the 4th September. They are even more famous now because of their interest in mobile technologies. I am very sure that you are familiar with their mobile operating system that goes by the name of Android. They are the prime competitor of iOS that is, Apple.


1. Apple

Apple - Ten Most Valuable Companies
The net worth of Apple is $695.17 Billion. You probably don’t need any introduction to this particular company. They took over the world starting in 2007. It is an American multinational corporation and they are in the consumer electronics industry. They are now best known for the ‘i’ products such as, iPhone, iPod and iPad. Considering the market capitalization, this is the largest publicly traded company in the world. The company was established on the 1st April, 1976. If you think they started off as an April Fool’s joke, think again. Who’s laughing now?

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