10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

Catastrophic accidents caused by animals are identified every year. Animals are blessed with weapons by nature that in some circumstances turned into a serious threat for human life. These tricks and tactics of defense help animals a lot in their survival on this planet. The list of most dangerous and lethal animals is compiled on the basis of statistics of their deadly attacks not only on other animals but also on human beings which caused casualties and took away life of many people.


10. Poison dart frog

Weapon: Poison

This unique breed of frog lives in central and south America. This specie belongs to Dendrobatidae family of frogs. The size of the frog may vary from 1.5 centimeters to 6 centimeters. Their colorful skin is very appealing yet venomous too. It contains lipophilic alkaloid toxin. They smartly attract their prey by using their colorful body. The beautiful and vivid remains of the dart frog contain poison which is enough to kill 10 people in one instance. However, there are some animals that are immune to their toxin. There are almost 100 species of dart frog all over the world which can be found in different locations like Colombia and Brazil.


9. Elephants

Weapon: Trunk, Legs and Weight

This is the largest mammal on land which lives in the bushes and forests of Africa and also found in some parts of Asia. Elephants are famous for their friendly outlook and memory. The Rage in elephants rises once in a blue moon but it is really grave.  Despite of their gentle gestures, they can behave like any other deadliest animals. They do not give any clue before their attack. Their legs, weight and trunk are their weapons by which they can crush animals, even the rhinoceros. Elephant’s potential attacks on villagers and tourists are observed every year.  The after effects of their rage have no explanation that is why they are among the top most deadly creatures of the world.


8. Cape buffalos

Weapon: Sharp horns, Unity and aggression 

Cape buffalos are resident of Africa and belong to the African bovine family of buffalos. They have unpredictable nature and are highly dangerous for human being. Cape buffalos are very robust and their weight varies from 500 to 900 kilograms. They tend to live in herds. They fight against predators in the form of mob. They can defeat lions and crocodiles when get viciously tempered. They have very sharp horns to kill their foe. They are potentially dangerous for human beings.


7.  Saltwater crocodile

Weapon: Tail, Jaw and Speed

This is the oldest reptile which can be found in Asia, Africa and Australia. They live in salt water rivers and lakes and therefore they are called saltwater crocodile. Their size ranges from 5 to 20 feet. This is one of the most dangerous animals of the planet. The crocodiles are famous for their cunning and deceiving attitude. They ditch their prey silently. Their tough jaw and speed can squeeze bones, which they use as weapons in attack.  As much as 600 to 800 victims are identified every year.

6. Great white shark

Weapon: Teeth

This is one of the enormous animals that lives under sea and belongs to the shark family. They are blessed with the sense of feeling blood under water which is armor for them beside their deadly teeth. The blood smell makes them excited. In the state of exhilaration, they eat everything that comes in their way. They never attack human being in order to take revenge as it is shown in most of the movies but they can be very dangerous when they are excited. About 100 of deaths caused by white sharks are reported every year.


3 thoughts on “10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

  1. Mosquitoes cause the most human casualties per year. Humans kill more sharks than sharks kill human. and the way they do it is so inhumane. they cut of their fins and then dump them in the ocean where they will either starve or bleed to death. Also, humans kill each other, more than any other species. I, personally, would put Humans at number one, mosquito’s at number 2.

  2. Mosquitoes kill people indirectly through disease and infection. this list is really more about direct deaths.
    regardless, the list indicates that it is putting things in order of fatalities to humans, and risk to other animals. in that case, how is the crocodile 7th when it outranks the great white, hippo, piranha and box jelly fish in terms of human kills per year?

  3. Perfect Ranking!!
    Recently I heard that the Bombardier Beetle (Brachinus crepitans) defends itself by jetting spurts of corrosive & pungent caustic potash from its glands!! Intimidating & incredible but less frequented in human dwellings.

    Taipan is ever the most dangerous :))


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