10 Most Beautiful Rapidly Moving Plants

Yes we can brood over the old definition where plants were described to be non-motile in comparison with animals, which is now null and is a thing of past. Unlike what we were told at our kindergartens, not only plants possess various movements like kinesis, tropism, taxis and nastic movements which are too slow for us to observe but some do possess rapid movements that surprise us and make us touch them time and over again. Here is a collection of 10 most beautiful plants with such rapid kinetic activities.


10. Orchidaceae

Orchidaceae, commonly referred to as the Orchid family, is a morphologically diverse and widespread family containing a number of beautiful dazzling flowering plants that possess rapid movement due to their strong highly specialized pollination behavior associated  to them. Orchids generally have simple leaves with parallel veins but are well known for the many structural variations in their flowers. In orchids that produce pollinia, pollination happens as some variant of the following. When the pollinator enters into the flower, there are a series of contractions and relaxations as that of a muscle occurs with the flower seen by naked eye and similar activity occurs when the pollinator enters another flower thus pollinating it. The possessors of orchids may be able to reproduce the process with a pencil, small paintbrush, or other similar device.


9. Witch Hazel

Witch-hazel (Hamamelis) are deciduous shrubs or (rarely) small trees growing to 3–8 m tall, rarely to 12 m tall. They are popular ornamental plants, grown for their clusters of rich yellow to orange-red flowers which begin to expand in the autumn as or slightly before the leaves fall, and continue throughout the winter.  The horticultural name means “together with fruit”; its fruit, flowers, and next year’s leaf buds all appear on the branch simultaneously, a rarity among trees.H. virginiana flowers in the fall of the year. The flowers of the other species are produced on the leafless stems in winter, thus one alternative name for the plant, “Winterbloom”.Each flower has four slender strap-shaped petals 1–2 cm long, pale to dark yellow, orange, or red. The fruit is a two-part capsule 1 cm long, containing a single 5 mm glossy black seed in each of the two parts; the capsule splits explosively at maturity in the autumn about 8 months after flowering, ejecting the seeds with sufficient force to fly for distances of up to 10 m, thus another alternative name “Snapping Hazel”


8. Sandbox Tree

Sandbox tree
The Sandbox tree, also known as Possumwood and Jabillo, is an evergreen tree that can grow to 30 m. It is recognized by the many dark, pointed spines and smooth brown bark. These spines have caused it to be called Monkey no-climb. The red flowers have no petals. Male flowers grow on long spikes; female flowers are solitary in axils. The fruit is a large capsule with explosive dehiscence. When ripe, pods catapult the seeds as far as 100 meters (300 ft). It has also been known as the Dynamite tree, so named for the explosive sound of the ripe fruit as it splits into segments.


7. Triggerplant

Stylidium< (also known as triggerplants is a genus of plants that derive its name from Stylos, which refers to the distinctive reproductive structure that its flowers possess like a column or a pillar. Pollination is achieved through the use of the sensitive “trigger”, which comprises the male and female reproductive organs fused into a floral column that snaps forward quickly in response to touch, harmlessly covering the insect in pollen. They have beautiful flowers, and although species of the genus represent a very diverse selection of plants but  most easily identified by their unique floral column, in which the stamen and style are fused. The column—also commonly called a “trigger” in this genus—typically resides beneath the plane of the flower.


6. Sensitive Partridge Pea

Sensitive Partridge Pea
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Chamaecrista nictitans (Sensitive Partridge Pea, Small Partridge Pea or Wild Sensitive Plant) is a herbaceous species of legume widely distributed through the temperate and tropical Americas. It is an annual plant capable of rapid plant movement—its leaflets fold together when touched.

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  1. I am loving the TickleMe Plant that is now kids favorite plant because it moves like crazy when you Tickle It!

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