10 Coolest Gadgets in Kid’s Media



5. Hallow Invisibility Cloak

Harry Potter Series

invisibilty cloak
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Within the Harry Potter universe, it is too magical for things to label purely a gadgets but it is the only one we are adding and for Harry it’s his favorite gizmo. The Invisibility Cloak is  used to make the wearer invisible. There are a number of different types of invisibility cloaks. All are very rare and expensive, and they may be spun from pelts of the Demiguise, magical herbivores that are found in the Far East. They can be ordinary cloaks as well, over time, these cloaks will lose their invisibility ability, eventually becoming opaque and vulnerable to being penetrated by various spells.

However, Harry’s cloak, being a Deathly Hallow, is a true cloak of invisibility, in the sense of being able to completely shield the wearer from sight, and cannot be worn out by time or spells, and can remain invisible for ages, passed down from father and son. According to the legend, the Cloak of Invisibility has the power to shield the wearer from being seen by Death.


4. The Surfer’s board

Silver Surfer Series, Fantastic Four Animated Series

silver surfer's board
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The Surfer’s board is composed of a nearly impervious, cosmically powered silvery material that is similar to his own skin. The board is mentally linked to the Surfer and moves in response to his mental commands even when he is not in physical contact with it. The board is nearly indestructible, but on those rare occasions when it is damaged or destroyed, the Surfer is able to repair or even recreate it with little effort. The Surfer can attack opponents remotely by directing the board against them, and the board is capable of absorbing and imprisoning other beings, at least temporarily.

The board wields the Power Cosmic, granting the surfer superhuman strength, stamina, durability, senses and the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe’s ambient energy for a variety of effects. The Surfer can navigate through interstellar space, dimensional barriers, and hyperspace, which he can enter to exceed the speed of light when flying on his board,and has even proven capable of time travel on several occasions.


3. Skyboom Shield

Transformers: Victory

Skyboom Shield
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It is possibly the ultimate defensive force in the known universe, providing full invincibility to the user. It is one of three most powerful weapons in the Universe of Transformers (the other two weapons are the Star Saber and Requiem Blaster). But it has a place above the other two because the Skyboom Shield throughout the series was able to block any attack used against, even those from the Star Saber and Requiem Blaster.

It is the only thing that can withstand the might of the greatest weapons and attacks,even though its full limits have never been tested. Reputedly, the shield had the ability to resist the power of coming meteors. The resulting blows  against the shield unleash a beam of energy into deep space but protects the user against from any possible harm.


2. Omnitrix

Ben 10

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Another watch to the list, Omnitrix appears in  Ben 10 – an American animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The Omnitrix is the mysterious watch-like alien device that allows the user to transform into various alien forms by combining the DNA of the selected alien with the user’s own DNA, effectively turning them into the alien species the user has selected. The alien form is selected by unlocking the control dial, turning the control dial to the desired alien species which is displayed on the Omnitrix’s display, then pressing the control dial back into place completing the transformation. The alien DNA also seems to contain some aspects of the original aliens’ personality; when questioned how it felt to be an alien, Ben described it as follows: “It kinda freaked me out at first. It was like I was me…but it was also like I was somebody else.”

The Omnitrix was originally created by Azmuth (a Galvan like Greymatter) to allow the people of the universe a way to “walk in someone else’s shoes”. However, many beings saw the Omnitrix’s abilities as something that could be used as a powerful weapon—most prominently the villain Vilgax who claims it to be the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Fearing that people might misuse the Omnitrix for this very reason, Azmuth put several safeguards in place to ensure that whoever used the Omnitrix would not have full access to its powers. Several of these safeguards include transforming into an alien different from the one that is selected on the control dial, the ten minute auto time-out, the restriction of only ten accessible aliens, and a self-destruct mechanism. However, these safeguards are disabled once the Master Control for the Omnitrix is unlocked, which is apparently done by a random combination of selections on the control dial. Once the Master Control is unlocked, the user can stay in their alien form indefinitely and is also able to switch between alien forms at will just by thinking about it, speaking the name its user has given any alien, or turning the badge with the Omnitrix insignia on it. In addition to the aliens that were pre-programmed into the Omnitrix’s DNA sequencer by Azmuth, the Omnitrix also possess the ability to absorb DNA samples from other alien species by simply coming into contact with them, effectively downloading a DNA sample and allowing access to that form.


1. Light Saber

Star Wars Animated Series

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Yes, we can’t miss this because this is the coolest gadget in fiction we know. Although this appeared in Star wars for the first time but this is a part of Kid’s world too now in the Clone Wars Animated Cartoon Series on US-version of Cartoon Network.

A lightsaber is an amazing and versatile device that is able to cut through nearly anything in a matter of milliseconds. The lightsaber consists of a polished metal hilt which projects a blade of energy (plasma) about one meter long. Once active, the blade of a lightsaber can be used in four different ways. The most common use, of course, is slicing. A lightsaber is like a sword on steroids. Cutting through any human limb — even an entire torso — is trivial. It’s like cutting through a banana with a machete. Nearly anything you would normally find around the home or office is easy to cut with a lightsaber, including steel pipes, reinforcing beams, mounting struts and so on. If you happen to find yourself hanging upside down in a cave, a lightsaber is the perfect tool to use to cut the rope.

Another common use is melting. A lightsaber blade can also deflect another lightsaber blade and block its path and nonetheless a lightsaber blade can deflect blaster bolts. In most cases you will want to deflect the bolts back at the person who shot them at you in the first place, but it is also possible to deflect them toward other objects and people in the room.




Hand of Midas

AliBaba and Forty Thieves

Hand of Midas
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King Midas is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This was called the Golden Touch or Midas Touch. Coming from the same myth is Hand of Midas portrayed in tales like Ali Baba and 40 Thieves, and also in Aladdin and King of Thieves. This  powerful ancient artifact which was a fascinating gadget at that time, it allows to transform any other thing or even  living creatures into gold once it touches it! It takes awhile to recharge, but can pay for itself if you make one soon enough. It’s extremely useful against certain dota heroes who might rely on creeps or summons. The hand can take one of them out with a single click.

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