10 Coolest Gadgets in Kid’s Media


10. Krotan

DC Comics

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Krotan is actually a metamorphing bioweapon giving the ability to the user to shape-shift himself. It comes in the form of a drug from Thanagar that allows a person to change himself into any shape or animal he wants. However, it only works once on a human, but a Thanagarian can change their shape an unlimited amount of times. It is highly addictive and prolonged users become incapable of retaining a cohesive shape if not given the drug regularly. Used and trafficked to Earth by the Thanagarian criminal Byth. Introduced in the pages of Hawkworld. Pre-Crisis, Krotan was the name of a scientist who invented a similar drug called the Changeling Pill.


9. Sword of Omens


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Children growing up in the 80s and 90s would be well-familiar with the cry: “Thunder… Thunder… Thunder… Thundercats! HOOOOOOO!” Yes, it’s the shout of Lion-O from the Thundercats cartoon series to summon the Thundercats using his Sword of Omens.

The Sword of Omens – wielded by Lion-O in the Thundercats animated series and comic books. Roughly the size of a dagger, the blade could be increased in length to that of a short sword and then a long sword at Lion-O’s command. Embedded in the hilt of the Sword of Omens was the mystical Eye of Thundera, the source of the ThunderCats’ power; the Eye provided Lion-O with “sight-beyond-sight”, a sort of clairvoyant ability, and could be used to “summon” the rest of the Thundercats.


8. Hypertime Watch


hypertime watch
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Well no, it does’t stop time. Its hypertime, a technology which allows the user’s molecules to speed up to the point where the world appears to be standing still. The acceleration is so magnificent that the user can’t be seen by the people in ordinary time and space but for the user, it seems to stop time by increasing a many many folds his own. Hypertime is a superdimensional construct which—under very limited circumstances can also  allow versions of characters from one continuity to interact with versions from another.

Hypertime works like this: the main, or “official” timeline is like a river, with a nearly infinite number of distributaries—alternate timelines— branching off. Most of the time, these alternate timelines go off on their own and never intersect with the main timeline. On occasion, the branches return, feeding back into the main timeline – sometimes permanently, sometimes temporarily. Thus, history can sometimes change momentarily and then change back (or not). If characters from a very different Hypertimeline move into our own, this accelerates the process, causing more noticeable (but shorter) changes to the timeline.


7. Hero Dial

Dial H for Hero

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Dial H for Hero is basically a kid’s comic book about a mysterious dial that enables an ordinary person to become a superhero for a short time. Basically it’s a small unit with a dial on it kinda like the old rotary dial telephones, by selecting the letters H-E-R-O in order, each time it is used, the dial causes its possessor to become a superhero with a different name, costume, and powers. These superheroes are usually new, but on one occasion the dial caused its user to become a duplicate of an existing superhero, such as Plastic Man. Some versions of the dial contain additional letters, allowing other kinds of transformations.


6. The Claw

The Secret Saturdays

the secret saturdays
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The Claw is an ultimate mind-controlling device. It can overpower and control the brain of any being, the owner would want to. The series concentrates on the adventures of the Saturdays, a family of cryptozoologists who work to keep the truth about cryptids from getting out in order to protect both the human race and the creatures themselves. The Saturdays travel the world searching for cryptids to study and battling twisted villains.

The focus is on the Claw, created by Doc for Zak, initially Doc called it the “multi-function adaptive combat defensive enhancement” but Zak quickly started calling it the Claw. Attached to one end is the Hand of Tsul ‘Kalu, a powerful, ancient cryptid artifact that help Zak control and focuses his natural ability to influence and control cryptids. It glows when Zak is using his power.

It contains a spring loaded cable and telescoping shaft. Zak has used it as a grappling hook, to snare objects from a distance and to swing from, and as a vaulting pole.On the end of the Claw the head is similiar to the cryptid’s head on Zak’s shirt. It is unknown if Zak can use the claw to fire electricity, like the Tsul ‘Kalu did during his battle with Doc.


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