10 Cool Macbook Concept Designs

6.Digi-roll Macbook Concept

This is next generation macbook concept where you can actually roll your laptop like an umbrella. Imagine how portable it’d be all rolled up. There’s an in-between configuration that you could theoretically use to browse email quickly, and the straps double as places to plug in your USB devices. It also has a detachable webcam you could use on your macbook or wear on your wrist, however digi roll is not specfically designed for apple but it would be cool to have it for macbook via D-roll


7. Transparent Macbook Concept

A picture really does say a thousand words. Wouldn’t it be completely magical to have a transparent laptop? Via 2day


8.MacBook Mini Concept

It just looks too good and perfect to be true—which is why I want it to be real: It is less than half the size of any macbook and with the perfect, dream technical specs to boot. It features a foldable trackpad which saves up the space when you are not using the keyboard. One other mockup of the MacBook mini by the same designer is a sliding trackpad, which sounds like a better idea than the foldable one. Via slashgear.


9. Macbook with Optimus Maximus Concept

Optimus Maximus, is the dream of any heavy computer user and what if the two technologies combine? Macbook with a completely customizable OLED using optimus maximus. It would looks stunning and the minute you see it, you would realize that you are looking at a device that has some actual richness of personality and could provide a richer experience.


10. Macbook Folder Concept

Is it next MacBook? no, but everyone likes to put their 2 cents in. It’s called the Mac Folder – not all that different from any other laptop but this could be the netbook everyone wants/expects Apple to make. This ultra slim e-folder ‘Macbook Folder’ is equipped with a touch screen display, a large-button keyboard, two built-in speakers, MAC operating system, Bluetooth and wireless LAN. Via laptopinyo.

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