10 Clever Art Heists from the History

This list compiles few of the most amazing heists that occurred during the history and applause to their evil mind for most of them who committed these still haven’t been caught.


 10.  Stardust Heist


The Stardust Heist was in a Resort cum Casino. The robbery took place in September 1992. A person named Bill Brennan was the cashier of the casino at that time and at the right time, he loaded up the bag with all the cash and never returned back. The best part of this heist was that there was no group work rather he did everything himself and without any proper planning. Hereafter, nobody knew where he went and so he was never caught. The way he tackled the security of the casino was something never done before in their history.


9.  Gardner Heist

The Gardner Heist was the best-known event of 1990 which occurred at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum located at Boston. This museum was known for a collection of 2500 pieces of art. On March 18, thieves disguised as police in officers’ uniform handcuffed the two security guards, stole thirteen works of art worth of $500 million and walked away with one of the largest art thefts that happened in American history. This theft took place on St. Patrick’s Day festival. Even after twenty years still those frames lay empty in the museum storage, whereas the thieves are free and roaming.


8. Dar Es Salaam Bank Heist:

This robbery was the least publicized which occurred at Iraq’s Dar Es Salaam Bank. It was in the year 2007, after the Saddam episode when the bank’s three security guards went out the building with a looted amount of $146 million (170.75 billion Iraqi Dinar) in cash. This case was never solved by anyone neither a single penny recovered. One of the main reasons being that it happened at the worst of the times when Iraq was facing a deadly war.


7. Central Bank of Iraq Heist

In Iraq, this was one of the biggest thefts of all times since the largest bank of Iraq was looted. It happened to take place just before the U.S bombing of Iraq started in 2003 and some theories suggest that Saddam Hussein conducted the job. The looted amount was stated as approximately one billion dollars and given to his son with a statement that it was done to protect the money from the Americans. Later six hundred and fifty million dollars were recovered from the brick walls of Saddam’s palace when the American army invaded it and remaining was never recovered and remained a mystery. When it comes to this crime, Saddam was never caught but later hanged for other political reasons.


6. Carlos Hector‘s ABN Amro Bank Heist

The robbery took place in ABN Amro Bank in Antwerp. In March 2007, Carlos Hector Stole diamonds of worth $28 million from the Bank. He was a regular customer for about a year and provided an Argentinean name there. Authorities confess that the man used a fake identity there and also rented a security box with the same name and had a fake passport. Even after four years his true identity has never been found nor are the diamonds recovered.


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