10 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

Whenever the word celebrity is heard an image of a rich and famous person comes into the mind. But never a person can imagine that the rich and famous person was once so poor that he couldn’t afford a room or an apartment. Following is the list of celebrities who were once homeless.


10. John Woo

John Woo is a Chinese born film director most widely known for his films, such as Mission Impossible 2, Broken Arrow, and Windtalkers etc. Mr Woo had to witness a brutal event which happened when he was seven. There had been a major fire in Hong Kong on Christmas day in 1953 which destroyed his home along with other 50,000 residents’ as well. He said that they had lost everything and had to live without a home for almost a year.


9. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is a British actor who is infamously known for his role as James Bond in the latest Bond movies. It was reported in Daily Mail newspaper, October 14, 2005, that Daniel was found sleeping in a park bench in London while he was struggling as an actor. Now after his big success no one could even think that Mr Bond was so helpless that he had to sleep on a park bench.


8. Michael Oher

Michael Oher is an American NFL football player, he is not much known to people as the famous football player. But is widely known because he was the subject of the 2006 book “The Blind Side”, which followed in becoming a movie and the life story of the player was revealed to the world. The movie stated Oher being homeless in his teenage years and had no place to go or had no one to look after him. He was adopted by a family who became very much supportive and brought out his hidden talents which were playing football.


7. Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini is a name known to anyone having slight bit of interest in magic or illusions. He is said to be the best magician who ever lived, and he even died while performing. He left his home at the age of 12 in search of work and had travelled for two years on his own making his way from Wisconsin to Missouri and finally settling in New York City. He said that during his two year journey, he had to live in streets, had to camp outside in the open or sometimes stay in shelters. But his struggle paid off and he got the title of the best magician who ever lived.


6. Hilary Swank

Hilary swank is one of my personal favourite actresses because she is very talented and has starred in some very good movies. I recently found out that at the age of 15 Hilary and her mother moved from Washington to Los Angeles by car because of Hilary’s auditions. They were in so much trouble that they had to live in their car until a friend helped them out by offering them a place. Her mother used pay phones for making appointments in the auditions. But now after the risky choice she had made at that time, it has finally paid off because she has become a successful actress.


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