10 Amazing Inventions that You Didn’t Know Existed

10. Quantum Teleporter

Q-Teleportation has been successful on smaller objects according to a Study. “We were able to perform a quantum teleportation experiment for the first time ever outside a university laboratory,” said Rupert Ursin, a researcher at the Institute for Experimental Physics at the University of Vienna in Austria. In q-Teleportation it is the quantum states of the objects that are destroyed and recreated, and not the objects themselves. Therefore, q-Teleportation cannot teleport animate or inanimate matter (or energy) in its physical entirety. The device thus creates a replica of an original thing  at a new position and the original thing ceased to exist once the replicas were created. (via National Geographic.)


9. The Sixth Sense Technology

The conference TED (the name stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design ) the guys from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed something unbelievable, a working prototype of a multifunctional device that can become part of our lives in five years to ten. Set named “ sixth sense ” consists of only wearing colorful caps, perceived by a multifunctional device. See the video to understand how it works. Seeing is believing!


8. 360º 3-D Holographic Displays

The ZCamTM is a video camera that can capture depth information (which is used to build the 3D model) along with video and is produced by 3DV Systems. The technology is based on the Time of Flight principle. In this technique, 3D depth data is generated by sending pulses of infra-red light  into the scene and detecting the light reflected from the surfaces of objects in the scene. Using the time taken for a light pulse to travel to the target and back, the distance can be calculated and used to build up 3D depth information for all objects in the scene. (Via 3dvsystems)


7. Lightsaber

And we thought they were just sci-fi! The lightsaber consists of a polished metal hilt which projects a blade of energy (plasma) about one meter long. The lightsaber’s blade cuts through most substances without resistance. It leaves cauterized wounds in flesh, but can be deflected by another lightsaber’s blade, or an energy shield or wall. HowStuffWorks has a detailed tutorial on how to create a lightsaber. It also verifies that lightsabers have been sold on ebay. There are some more theoretical explanations on the existence of light-saber technology, however we couldn’t actually discover more details about the actual product in existence. We still added it to the list because we wanted it to be real so bad. After all who wouldn’t want to see lightsaber battles as part of Olympics?


6. JetPack

Jet pack , usually worn on the back in sci-fi, that use jets of escaping gases (or in some cases liquid water) to allow a single user to fly. TAM is the first and only company in the world that produces a complete package of a custom designed Rocket Belt using the most advanced technology and aerospace materials with the special distillation machine to produce your own rocket grade fuel hydrogen peroxide. (Via TAM)

21 thoughts on “10 Amazing Inventions that You Didn’t Know Existed

  1. Wow it’s such a great invention but why it have to be a secret? i think it will be much better if this kind of invention is published and supported by the goverment.

  2. The light-saber does exist. The marines have been using prototypes for a couple of years now as an amputation tool in the field for doctors. They also have them as weapons for the marines that attach to the gun. and as a separate weapon. But we wont hear about this tech for at least 10-15 years as new tech then. So don’t get your hopes up.

  3. This is all just simply amazing. However, the military projects are a waste of money. That money can be for much better use on technology, research and funds to support such projects as shown on this article. Why make more weapons of death when we can be working on something more suitable for beings and prolong life? As for the lights saber. It may be possible. The only thing that IS impossible is to have so some sort laser like thing to stop its direct path. Then again, I may be wrong. 🙂

  4. wow a light saber, i cant believe dis, i mean its awesome,thrilling. all fans of star wars MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

  5. If its a copy of the item being transported it’s not teleportation, it’s only a printer like a fax machine. You’re making a copy and destroying the original.

  6. Wow, does that sound exciting! They didn’t take the coins out of the ground before they flooded the town! You should be able to find some dandy old coins. Good luck. Let me know how helpful Kellyco was for you.

  7. ur questioning if u could build a lightsaber ? well its plasma , super heated gas so yes you could , if you had the time and money and also could find a robust ablative material which could withstand the heat of the blade , look at a plasma cutting torch , same tech would react more like a huge blowtorch

  8. you should look at the new science programs for things like the ion space propulsion system , the engines they produce now are insanley fast hyper sonic flight within earths atmos means for some pretty insanely fast space flight

  9. no quantum teleportation means destroying the items quantum state and reassembeling the atoms in a completely different place , dont u wach star trek haha ?

  10. its not using lasers , its plasma , super heated gas

    u are far less likely to see light sabers , more likely to see plasma flame throwers

  11. he didnt say they exsist , but such a device . in a crude form could be constructed the theory is sound , havent u ever seen a plasma cutting torch lol ???

  12. To think that ufos have been around for tons of years and many people claim its the militay but they declin it tjust to hide the fact that they are inventing stuff out of tecknoligy that we don’t have as ordanary people like us I new about most of these invention like the flying car, lightsaber, flying socer, virtual gogles, and the jetpack if you are intreasted in star wars they use the lightsaber,flying socer and car along wiht the jetpack the 360digrease 3-d virtuarl projecter the others wear on star trac so there realy just makeing cool stuff on cool movies

  13. Its really amazing inventions.The contact lense which can measure the glucose level is really amazing…………………….

  14. Wow it’s such a great invention but why it have to be a secret? i think it will be much better if this kind of invention is published and supported by the goverment.

  15. they are fabulous! amazing ! creative ! they r out standing inventions……………………… over all i am excited to sit and enjoy in the flying car…………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. We actually DO have a precursor to the lightsaber.


    It’s not perfected yet, but I will be EXTREMELY excited once it is!

    I will no longer talk like this, BUT I WILL TALK LIKE THIS ONCE I OWN ONE!!!! (I’m not angry, just excited.)

  17. One thing I wish you would have discussed is the current ability to teleport information. You can send a message instantaneously, using twin photons, to the other side of the earth without satellites or line of sight. The implications of this are incredible. First, it would be impossible to intercept such a message. Second, the distance traveled does not matter, so you could communicate with Mars or much further with no delay.

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