10 Amazing Cars Concepts to Drive us into Future


10. BMW Z X6

A team of students which worked closely with the people from BMW was asked to create a BMW for 2015. The result is the BMW ZX-6 Concept. This car can’t be compared with any other concept car made by BMW. The BMW Z X6 is a simple car, but with a very aerodynamic design. This car would also be an amphibian vehicle. The whole design of the BMW ZX-6 Concept is pretty futuristic for anyone’s taste, but it can also be very appealing. The doors have an amazing opening system, something that was never seen before. Many people can’t believe that we have the technology to build a vehicle like the BMW ZX-6 Concept and that it could transform from a dream into a real car in a few years.


9. Airflow Glass Car

Airflow Glass Car
Designer Pierre Sabas has created the Airflow concept car, featuring an electric engine and suspension system enveloped in a stunning all-​​glass body. He is the winner for best concept, Pierre Sabas, placed both the electrically driven engine and suspension in the wheel, this leading to a high degree of architectural freedom. Inside, the car is made of glass and has 4 capsules for the passengers. “I’ve tried to wrap glass around like fabric”, says Sabas. It allows for a new driving sensation and it gives the occupants a new perception of the outside world.


8. Solar power car 2030

Solar power car 2030.

Conceptualized by Mihai Stamati, this solar powered car is big enough to allow four to five folks to ride comfortably. The roof is plastered with solar panels that juice up this spacious green vehicle. Steer it comfortably by a joystick and a few other control buttons on the front. This solar powered van is fitted with ergonomical seats and a table at the rear. With two motors on the rear, it can move at a slow speed, less than 30 kph, when extended. Users can hop in and out of this futuristic van via sliding doors.


7. Stackable Car

stackable car
Imagine a shopping cart – a vehicle that can stack – you can take the first vehicle out of a stack and off you go,” says Mr Chin. “These stacks would be placed throughout the city. A good place would be outside a subway station or a bus line or an airport, places where there’s a convergence of transportation lines and people. According to the engineers the concept vehicle will not have a traditional engine. Instead the vehicle’s power will reside in the wheels themselves plus they will provide “omnidirectional” movement. By placing the motors in the wheels it removes the need for a drive shaft and engine block, thus enabling the use of the freed space. The prototype is already under construction


6. Magnet Car

magnet car
Declared as one of the most eco friendly cars, this car overcomes the force of gravity through the strategic use of an electric engine. Matúš procháczka finds an unusual solution to the problem of, expending fuel to get somewhere. rather than finding a different fuel source, or building a smaller car, he ingeniously reduces the weight of the car by using an electric engine with magnets the same polarity as the roads, the resulting upward force lightens the vehicle’s weight by 50%. another innovative touch is the desing of the seats: two outer layers, pile yarn, and a soft construction foam make it possible to adjust the final hardness and spring characteristics of the seat. this lightweight, adaptable seating not only cuts down on waste during construction and the overall weight of the vehicle while being driven, it also sounds pretty darn comfy.


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