10 Most Useless Inventions




Plow Gun - Ten Most Useless Inventions
This particular invention dates back to the year 1826. I am pretty sure you can understand by the name of this particular tool to understand exactly what it does. Suppose you are plowing your farm, and you have this sudden urge to shoot something. You cannot go inside to get your gun because you have a deadline. This particular plow comes with a built-in gun so you can satisfy that shooting urge you have while working on the farm. I know, it’s absolutely amazing. But what could’ve triggered this idea in the head of the farmer in the early nineteenth century is a question I can’t figure the answer to.



Fork Alarm - Ten Most Useless Inventions
In the year 1995, eating was a huge deal and especially timed eating. Therefore, an alarmed fork was invented. Now, I am pretty sure you can guess as to what exactly this piece of garbage does, but I’ll help you out anyways. Let’s suppose you are eating something with this particular fork. You take a bite, you wait for the alarm to ring and that’s when you take the other bite. The whole concept revolves around timed eating. Why you ask? I have absolutely no idea. This particular idea was actually patented in 1995 so don’t go around copying this genius invention or the idea.



Helicopter Ejection Seat - Ten Most Useless Inventions
I am sure you guys know what purpose an ejection seat serves and I am also sure that you might have seen a few in action in different videos on YouTube, or some movie or some game. All you need to do is pull a lever and the top of the jet flies off with the seat ejected vertically upwards. Now, imagine the same concept in a helicopter. It’s bad enough that your helicopter is actually crashing but to think that in order to save yourself, the seat will blow you right into the fans at the top; mind blasting. It takes just a little sense to figure how insanely stupid even considering the idea was.



The Prostate Gland Warmer - Ten Most Useless Inventions
I wonder what people are thinking when they come up with these ideas. This particular device is basically a nine foot electric cord with a 4.5 inch butt plug on one end and a blue light on the other. The device made its debut in the year 1914. It apparently stimulates the abdominal brain and you will know it’s working if the bulb lights up. You can very well use your imagination when it comes to ‘how do we use this?’ question. This is plain weird.



The Useless Box - Ten Most Useless Inventions
This one seems to be the latest talk in the geek world and sure enough it took the number one spot on our list. The name of this particular box does absolute justice to what it actually does. I have absolutely no idea why it is priced the way it is priced because you will get it for over $30. It is a plain box with a on switch on one side. What you do is, you turn it on and the other half of the box opens up and from within comes this robotic lever sort of thing that turns the switch off and that is all it does. Watch the video on YouTube if you do not believe me.

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