Top Ten Worst Movie Sequels Ever

We love movies and every year hundreds of movies come out. Some of these movies are good, some of them are bad and some are downright horrible. For some reason it seems that some of the worst movies made are sequels to other movies. Maybe it’s because the movie doesn’t change things enough the second time around, or maybe it’s because it tries too hard to change things that worked. Whatever the reason, sequels (or prequels) are seldom as good as the movie before them and often leave everyone wondering why they were even made to begin with.


10. Predator vs. Aliens: Requiem

You know a sequel is likely going to suck when the first movie in the series was horrible. Predator vs. Alien was an attempt to combine two of the biggest, baddest intergalactic monsters in cinema history together on the same screen and it didn’t work well the first time. For some reason people seemed to think that screwing a movie up once wasn’t enough and they made a second installment of this subpar movie that turned out even worse. Note to Hollywood: If the first movies sucked the second one is likely going to be even worse.


9. Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry met Lloyd

This particular movie honestly should have never been made. Dumb and Dumber was a brilliant movie and it owed that brilliance to the chemistry between Jim Carry and Jeff Daniels. When they decided to do the second movie they didn’t get Carry or Daniels back and this was destined to be a flop because there was no way two different actors could pull of the characters of Harry and Lloyd. Even had they gotten Carry and Daniels back to play their roles again there is no promise this move would have been much better. Sometimes a sequel is just a bad idea.


8. Poltergeist II

Poltergeist II makes it on this list because it is so indicative of the horror genre in general. It seems like every time a truly unique spin on horror comes along, the powers-that-be beat that concept to death. It doesn’t matter if it is Freddy Kruger or a little girl that can talk to ghosts, Hollywood loves to keep handing us the same stuff it did in the last movie. Poltergeist II was really the same movie as the first with a few more special effects thrown in. True, some people like the rehashed movie but honestly telling the story once was enough.


7. The Crow II

The Crow II: City of Angels was the follow up to the phenomenal movie The Crow. City of Angels actually did a couple things right such as capturing the feeling of the first film but it did so much more wrong. This movie is on this list because it was almost a good movie. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing or another as the reason this movie wasn’t what it could have been, but overall it was a frustrating experience because viewers could tell that this movie could have been just as good as the first, but it just wasn’t.


6. Halloween III

We already discussed the horror genre’s tendency to rehash the same movie over and over again, but Halloween III deserves to be on this list because it had absolutely nothing to do with any of the other movies in the franchise. This monstrosity simply stole the title of a successful movie franchise and then proceeded to make a really bad movie. This movie sucked in every way a movie can suck. It was a bad story, it was really bad acting, and the special effects were complete crap. You might be tempted to put yourself through this hell, but trust me, it really was that bad.

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