Top Ten Weirdest Museums in the World

Your parents were always telling you that you should spend more time in museums learning than out doing whatever it was that you actually wanted to do. Chances are these aren’t the kinds of museums they had in mind. Here is a list of the top ten weirdest museums from around the world. Housing the strange, the macabre, and the downright disturbing, these are museums you may actually want to explore.


10. Siriraj Medical Museum, Bangkok Thailand:

Also affectionately known as the museum of death, the Siriraj Medical Museum is where you should go should you ever find yourself pondering what your lungs would look like if you got attacked by a crazed psychopath and stabbed to death. Some exhibits of note include hemorrhaged brains, examples of limbs that were severed or mutilated, and even skulls that had bullets puncture the bone and bounce around in there for a while.


9. International Cryptozoology Museum, United States:

Cryptozoology is the study of animals and creatures that have not been verified by science, are doubted to exist, or who only exist in myth or legend. This museum is dedicated to offering everything you ever wanted to know about such mythological creatures as Bigfoot, mermaids, and the Loch Ness monster. Whether you are a believer or not you may find yourself scratching your head when you are presented with the “evidence”—casts of those famous enormous feet, perhaps?


8. The Kunstkamera, Russia:

What is the one reason that Russia would create its very first museum? Why, to dispel the widespread belief in and fear of monsters, of course. The problem with this plan is that they filled this museum with every medical oddity they could find. Though the museum’s contents are a bit tamer now, you can still find a decapitated human head that has been preserved for over a century in vinegar, an assortment of creatures that were born with extra limbs, and their prized collection of hundreds of deformed human fetuses. Nothing to be afraid of there, right?


 7. Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame:

Located on the top floor of the famed Fredrick’s of Hollywood flagship store in Los Angeles, this museum is dedicated to more than
mentioning celebrities’ unmentionables. On display in this museum is the underwear worn by Tom Hanks when filming Forrest Gump, the underthings of the entire teenage heartthrob cast of Beverly Hills 90210, and Cher. You can even find a particularly interesting exhibit of ladies’ delicates worn by men in drag. This includes the training bra of Phyllis Diller thoughtfully marked “This Side Up”.

This museum doesn’t come without scandal, though. During the 1992 riots the museum was looted and a prized purple and gold brassiere that once graced the famous body of Madonna was stolen. The singer replaced it only after the company agreed to donate $10,000 to charity.


6. The Bread Museum, Germany:

This museum might not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but at least you can learn about one of the world’s most beloved foods here.  There is a truly astonishing 18,000 exhibits here. Through these exhibits you can learn the fascinating history of 6000 years of bread featured in works of art as well as seeing ancient artifacts from actual bakeries that were in operation thousands of years ago. Don’t get caught up in the evolving technology and cultural lessons and get a hankering for a sandwich, however. You won’t find a single edible slice in the entire museum.

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