Top Ten Video Game Bad Guys

Like it or not video games are now a permanent part of our culture. Every day millions of people both young and old spend hours a day making their way through a dizzying array of video games. One of the things that makes video games so compelling is that more often than not they pit you against a series of bad guys that you must vanquish in order to win. It’s a simple thing really, using bad guys in video games, but over time some truly memorable bad guys have shown up in video games. This list is a small selection of those bad guys but they are indeed some of the most memorable bad guys ever.


10. Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)

Before he became a hero Donkey Kong was a bad guy in the arcade smash Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was obviously who Bowser would later get his inspiration from as he kidnapped Mario’s girlfriend and situated himself on top of a series of platforms then began rolling barrels down on the racing Mario as the would be hero tried to reach his beloved. Since his appearance in Donkey Kong, this lovable ape and his son have been given the roles of heroes but if you look hard enough into those black eyes you can see the potential for villainy is still there.


9. M. Bison (Street Fighter)

There is probably not another bad guy in video game history who inspired kids to shovel quarters into a video game than M. Bison. M. Bison was the final fight in the game Street Fighter and you had to defeat him to learn the story behind why your selected fighter was in the tournament to begin with. The reason he ranks so highly on this list is because at one time, defeating M. Bison was the ultimate badge of honor among video game players and he holds a bit of a legendary status to this day.


8. Dracula (Castlevania)

Dracula was a cool bad guy way before he showed up in Castlevania to taunt both the Belmont family and generations of gamers. What makes hi stand out from the other bad guys is the mystique he carries with him through every game in the series. No matter what else you have to do in Castlevania, you know that at the end is the blood sucker himself, and that is what keeps you working to finish the game.


7. Bowser (Super Mario Brothers)

As a bad guy Bowser is actually without a lot of depth, he simply kidnaps Princess Peach then sends his hordes after the love struck Mario and friends. Bowser may not be the most complicated bad guy to ever show up in a video game, and he isn’t even the coolest looking, but he has been a part of gamer culture for decades and almost every gamer has a story or two about taking down this guy.


6. Gannon (Legend of Zelda)

Gannon is one seriously evil individual with the single minded goal of destroying/conquering the world. In each and every Zelda game Link is pitted against Gannon and his forces of evil as he tries to put the tri force together and use its power to banish/kill/weaken Gannon or Wake/Free Princess Zelda. While he wasn’t in a couple of the Zelda titles he has been in most of them and is one of the more memorable bad guys to show up in a video game. What makes Gannon work as a bad guy is that his goals are pretty straight forward. He wants to dominate/destroy the world and that’s just not okay with us so of course we have to stop him. It’s a simple hook into the game but it works every time.

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