Top Ten Soda Flavors

There are a stunning variety of soda flavors on the market today and choosing ten of them among the thousands is not easy. When confronting a task such as this the easiest thing to do would be look at what sells the most and go with that, but that really doesn’t tell the full story of soda. Soda is more than Coca Cola and Pepsi. There are hundreds of independent soda makers in the U.S. all who create special flavors and have their own unique spin and almost every one of them deserves a place on this list. Given such a wide variety of soda makers its seems best to discuss the actual flavors of soda instead of specific brands.


10. Cranberry

The sweet and tart taste of cranberry seems to be perfect for soda but surprisingly it is a rare flavor to find. One reason for the lack of this particular flavor of soda is probably its association as a juice and that it is a very tart tasting flavor. Because soda is widely considered the drink of children most parents steer away from tart flavors believing their kids will not like it. The reason cranberry makes it on the list however, is that there is a quickly growing market for cranberry-flavored soda in the adult market since it mixes well with many alcohols.


9. Crème

Crème flavored soda is not only a childhood favorite but also appeals to those who are advancing in years. It has a very mellow but distinct taste that honestly makes you feel like you are drinking liquid candy. There is an amazing amount of variety of crème-flavored sodas on the market ranging from the generic brands to specialty sodas. Outside of drinking it straight as a soda, crème-flavored sodas are also great mixers in any number of beverages


8. Strawberry

The popularity of strawberry-flavored sodas is on the decline due to other more complex berry flavors becoming commonly available, but at one time strawberry was easily one of the most popular soda flavors. Again this is another flavor that is favored by children, but also liked by adults. It has few uses as a mixer in adult drinks but can spruce up fruit juice or other kinds of beverages in a pinch.


7. Club Soda

Also known as sparkling soda, club soda is known much more for its use in mixed drinks then for being drank straight up. The reason club soda makes it on this list is because of its wide use in virtually every other flavor of soda on the planet. Club soda may have a fancy sounding name and is occasionally disguised as sparkling water, but in truth, it really is simply carbonated water. Some brands do add some flavoring to it to make their offerings a bit different, but by and large club soda and carbonated water are pretty much the same thing.


6. Lemon Lime

Lemon lime and other citrus sodas are actually widely used as a mixer in both adult and kid drinks. Most lemon lime flavored sodas have a mellow taste that isn’t to sharp and blends surprisingly well with about any other flavor of drink out there. Another reason for the popularity of lemon lime flavors is that they are often non caffeinated and so are ordered for children and by those wishing to avoid caffeine.

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