Top Ten Sandbox Style Games

The term Sandbox game is used to loosely describe any game that features open world content. This means that you have an open world to do almost whatever you want. Sandbox games come in a wide variety with different features. Some sandbox games such as Fallout 3 feature an open world for the player to explore but limit your role within the world, while other sandbox games are not only open world but are also built almost entirely user created content. Whether you are an avid video gamer looking for the next open world, or you are a casual user who is looking for something interesting to do with your time, the following games are worth checking out.


10. Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed actually probably fits better under the action video game label than it does under the sandbox label, but it does have a very open world to explore. In Assassins Creed you take on the part of a newly minted Assassin and are tasked with… assassinating people. While the storyline is pretty straight forward, Assassins Creed is on this list because it has some amazing graphics and because it does have a highly detailed and open world. If you like games where you have set objectives but freedom to carry them out however you wish, Assassins Creed will definitely keep you entertained.


9. Grand Theft Auto IV

While Grand Theft Auto IV did manage to create a lot of controversy for itself, it is actually the first big time sandbox style video game. Other games that proceeded Grand Theft Auto IV in the GTA series made attempts to give players a truly open world, but at the time technology couldn’t really make true open world game play a reality. With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV players could for the first time engage in any action their minds could conceive of. What keeps this game this low on the list is that it still restrained players to a particular role, and that there wasn’t much opportunity for user created content within the game.


8. Fallout 3

In Fallout3 you take on the part of a secluded person who grew up in a vault designed to protect its residents form the nuclear Armageddon that turned Washington D.C. into a post-apocalyptic nightmare filled with roving gangs and mutants. As you explored the world you gained experience and ability until eventually you were reunited with your father and brought peace and justice to the world. Aside from the storyline Fallout 3 allowed an unprecedented amount of freedom for players. You could explore the world and ignore any of the quests if you wanted, or you could follow up every quest you found. What keeps Fallout 3 this low on the list is the fact that much like the games above, you were limited to the confines of the world and had no ability to change the environment.


7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

To put it simply The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the most massive video game world in history. You can play this game for years and never do everything there is to do and that is what makes it such a wonder to play. To date The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is about the closest thing you can get to an old style pen and paper RPG on any platform and will probably be the benchmark for all other similar games for years to come. However, just like any video game, Skyrim lacks the ability to modify your environment and despite nearly endless possibilities for exploration doesn’t provide a complete sandbox experience.


6. RPG Maker

RPG Maker takes the concept of sandbox games and gives you an increased sense of control over your world. There is no real objective to RPG maker other than you enjoying time creating your very own RPG video game. This is actually a good program that does give users a lot of freedom to create their own rpg and it will keep both adults and children entertained for hours. Where RPG maker is lacking is that it doesn’t allow for you to really do much more than create an RPG, but then again, that’s is the point of this software.

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