Top Ten Role Playing Video Games RPGs



5. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is simply one of the most stunning works of art to hit the video game market ever. Combine the breathtaking graphics with solid game play and an immersive story, and you wind up with one of the best RPG’s ever made. The only reason Dragon Age: Origins doesn’t rank higher on this list is that it really didn’t offer anything new to the genre.


4. Chrono Trigger

This game was the result of a virtual dream team of video game developers and it delivered on all expectations. Chrono Trigger had an immersive world, compelling story line, and stunning graphics even by today’s standards. There might be some who say that this is a bit too high of a rank for this particular title, but there are very few who would say that this game does not belong on this list.


3. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Elder Scrolls Oblivion is without a doubt the most complete single player rpg to date. Even if you dropped the amazing graphics, you still have an unbelievably massive game in which you can be anyone you want to be and explore the world over and over again. The one problem with Oblivion is that it is so massive that even the most avid completest will have a hard time doing everything that can be done. There isn’t really any doubt this game belongs on this list, and some will say it should be on top, but what holds it back are the games that rank above it.


2. Final Fantasy VII

Widely considered the greatest rpg of all time, Final Fantasy VII is a benchmark for the entire genre. It’s appearance on the list is cliché, but that just shows how good this game really is. It is almost impossible to pin point one single thing that makes Final Fantasy VII such a prominent game and that is the true genius of its design. Final Fantasy VII has great graphics, awesome game play, and more. However, what may set this game apart from the others is that players became so immersed in the story line that there were points of the game that would bring people to tears. That is why this game is so high on the list.


1. World of Warcraft

Unless you have been completely disconnected from mass media for the last ten years, you have heard of World of Warcraft. This game is so big that it has spawned a dozen viral videos, been the inspiration for thousands of products, and even had a commercial starring Chuck Norris. World of Warcraft has spread across the world like wild fire and is a part of popular culture unlike any other game on this list. Whether you love or hate this game, it deserves this spot more than any other single video game rpg.

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