Top Ten Role Playing Video Games RPGs

Video Games have become a huge part of our culture. You can’t take two steps in a shopping mall or department store without seeing something related to video games. The video game market is full of different kinds of games such as the first person shooter. However, one genre that is probably more responsible for the success of video games than any other is the RPG. Video game RPG’s (Role Playing Games) are among the best-selling titles across every platform, and in some cases have become a cultural phenomenon. Without further ado, we present the top ten video game RPG’s.


10. Ultima Series

There were RPG video games before Ultima, but not many, and the Ultima franchise is still widely considered one of the greatest video game franchises in history. Ultima creator Lord British managed to take the table top role playing game and put it on computer providing players with and surprisingly immersive game play experience considering the technology of the time.


9. Final Fantasy I

Where Ultima provided table top rpg players with a computer game, what Final Fantasy I did was bring the video game RPG to the masses. This title brought the RPG out of the shadows and into the lime light spawning a series of sequels, two MMORPG’s and a vast amount of copycat titles. The one reason why it is not higher on this list is that since its release the video game RPG has evolved and grown beyond the simple graphic and game play of this beloved title.


8. Might and Magic Series

Might and Magic is not on this list because of a singular game or amazing breakthrough because for the most part the Might and Magic series was above average in all aspects. The reason Might and Magic shows up on this list is because of how many games this franchise spawned. Ranging from the standard rpg to games based on strategy and tactics Might and Magic was a massive franchise that sold well and provided solid game play. No single title deserves much credit for revolutionizing video games or rpg’s but as a whole the franchise deserves to be recognized.


7. Everquest

You can’t discuss video game RPG’s without discussing the MMORPG as well. While MMORPG’s probably deserve their own top ten list, Everquest belongs here for being the first MMORPG to become so widely spread. At one time Everquest was so popular that you could order pizza from Pizza hut while in the game. As with all things Everquest eventually fell from the top spot, but it deserves a place on this list for being one of the first big MMORPG’s.


6. Fable

Of all the games that made this list, Fable was the hardest one to place. Fable had a massive amount of hype surrounding it as the next big thing in the RPG genre. In fact some people were claiming that it would replace Final Fantasy VII as the greatest RPG of all time, but upon its release it was a big disappointment and failed to live up to the expectations. The reason it deserves a place on this list however, is that it was the first game that gave you complete freedom of choice. You could be a good guy, a bad guy, or both. You could take on quests in full gear or completely naked, and perhaps best of all you could kick chickens!

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