Top Ten Professional Sports Rivalries

5. Celtics vs. Lakers

Without a doubt the rivalry between the Celtic and Lakers is the single biggest rivalry in NBA history. During this rivalry these two teams have met in the NBA championship a total of twelve times which is more than any other two teams have met in a championship of any kind in professional American sports history. While there have been certain times this rivalry was more heated then others it stands out so strongly because of the way it has carried out over such a long period of time.


4. Canadiens vs. Bruins

There is not liking the other team and then there is hatred. The Canadiens and Bruins have hated each other passionately since the teams first met and that rivalry continues strong to this very day. What makes this rivalry so long lasting is the fact that when you combine both regular season and playoff matches these two teams have faced each other more than any other two teams in NHL history. Over the span of this rivalry so many sporting moments have happened that it’s impossible to nail down a single one as definitive and that is what makes this rivalry so special.


3. Brady vs. Manning

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks to ever play the game. These two players have come to signify the argument of what makes a quarterback great. Manning has all the gaudy stats while Brady has all the championship appearances and wins. What really makes this rivalry unique though is that its more about two men in a team sport more than it is about their teams. In the day of player movement between teams in the NFL it makes since that our new rivalries are much more focused on individual players than the teams they play for.


2. Yankees vs. Red Sox

The rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox is not as much about baseball as it is about the fierce pride each fan base takes in their city. While the two teams are a big part of this rivalry and have been known to get in the occasional brawl with one another during a game or two, it’s also about culture and old fashion us versus them mentalities. However despite the strife between these two teams they always shake hands and congratulate each other at the end of the day.


1. Bears vs. Packers

The Bears vs. Packers rivalry is the epitome of everything rivalries are about. From the beginning of their history these two teams have been at each other in every way imaginable. This rivalry exists between the team owners, the coaches, the players themselves and the fan base. There are teams that hate each other more but these two teams have hated each other for so long that it’s become a part of our culture. Someday another rivalry may replace this one as the greatest of all time but right now the Bears and Packers hold the top spot on this list.

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