Top Ten Movie Mistakes that Made the Final Cut



5. Raiders of the Lost Ark

It is one of the greatest adventure films of all time and Harrison Ford’s role as Indiana Jones is the stuff that Hollywood legends are made of. Even his quirks like being terrified of snakes are handled so well that they have become iconic features in pop culture. Yet, in the scene in Raiders while Indy and Marion are in the Well of Souls, there is a bit of a flub that is only accessible if you watch the old VHS tapes (as the DVD version has been modified). If you look carefully when the Cobra rises and hisses at Indy, you will see the reflection of safety glass between it and Harrison Ford. You can even see the reflection of the torch he carries when he waves it around.


4. Braveheart

During the epic film about Scottish warrior William Wallace, Mel Gibson did many things right both as an actor and director. The film entered into popular culture with force, making idols of the blue painted warriors struggle for freedom and really cemented Gibson’s legacy as a great director of epic films. Yet, during the funeral scene for Wallace’s wife Murron, if you watch closely there is a small gaffe even he couldn’t catch. As he bends down to kiss her and stands again, just over his left shoulder, through the trees, for just a moment, you can see a van drive by. It is a very small and quick moment, but something to keep an eye out for if nothing else than to avoid the tears!


3. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter has become one of the most iconic series in the history of film. It helped rejuvenate a fantasy film genre that had almost been lost completely to B-film status and made major stars of its all British cast. However, there are still moments of film bloopers that somehow made the cut if you know where to look. For instance in Chamber of Secrets, during the dueling scene, Snape pulls Malfoy to his feet at which point on the far left of the screen the director and his camera are fully visible.


2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Johnny Depps role as Captain Jack Sparrow is nothing short of iconic and the pirates series has brought back a nearly lost art of swashbuckling film to the forefront in the process. Jack’s mannerisms are often imitated and the film is highly quotable, but perhaps you may not know one unique gaffe that is quite un-pirate like. During the scene where Jack looks over his crew and says “On deck, you scabrous dogs”, off to the very left of the screen, over the shoulder of Sparrow, a crew member can visibly be seen. He sticks out as he wears a short sleeved shirt, a tan cowboy hat and sunglasses as he stares at the sea during a scene of many period pirates in the midst of a plunder.


1. Star Wars

Perhaps no film has a bigger cult audience than Star Wars. Its affect on culture at large and on the film industry as well are incredible and with the sale of the franchise to the Disney Corporation, we are sure to see Star Wars for generations to come. Yet, when the film was being made, few had any idea it would even be successful, much less as revered as it is. With silly costumes, crazy dialogue and a Space Cowboy theme, it isn’t hard to see why. This goof, which stayed in the film, even got incorporated into the story in the more recent rereleases. As the Storm Troopers break into the control room, the Storm Trooper on the right of the screen bonks his head on the door frame. This unintentional bit of hilarity now even has a sound effect and is part of the scene on purpose in newer DVD versions.

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