Top Ten Man Made Wonders

Throughout the history of humanity we have sought to leave a mark on the world. For both individuals and entire civilizations, this quest has led to some of the greatest achievements in our history, and sadly some of the most horrific as well. Humanity has accomplished some truly epic feats and this list is just a small sampling of the wonders that have become part of our history and part of our modern lives.


10. Interstate 70 through the Rocky Mountains

Some people may think that a road has no business even being considered a man made wonder much less showing up on this list. The reason why I-70 belongs on this list is that it is one of the greatest feats of human engineering ever. This roadway was one of the single largest projects ever taken on by the United States Government and to this day stands to a testament to the power and strength of our nation. It may seem like a simple highway but its construction was far from easy.


9. The Microchip

When someone says Wonder of the World, we naturally conjure images of massive monuments and awe-inspiring buildings. However, not all the great wonders of humanity are massive buildings that reach for the sky, some are almost too small to see with the naked eye. The microchip stands out among these small but great wonders because of what it has done for our world. One of the other entries on this list owes its existence to the microchip and it is in billions of products used worldwide every day. Without the microchip our world would be drastically different.


8. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore stands out as one of the greatest man made wonders in our history because of the scale of its creation. While plenty of monuments have been built from stone, Mount Rushmore was carved from the side of a mountain. Admittedly, the creator of Mount Rushmore had modern tools and equipment to work with, but even with this consideration it is a truly amazing feat.


7. The Coliseum

The Coliseum of Rome is not on this list because of its own greatness but because it is one of the most iconic structures of the Roman Empire. The Romans are without a doubt the single greatest influence in Western Culture today and will remain so for thousands of years to come. Our alphabet, laws, and more come directly from the people who built the coliseum and this means that something they left behind should be recognized.


6. BurjKhalifa

Currently the tallest building in the world, the BurjKhalifa soars over the desert landscape of Dubai and is a testament to humanity’s quest for greatness. BurjKhalifa will eventually be replaced by another structure and that one will eventually be overshadowed as well because humanity is always striving to outdo what has been done before.

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