Top Ten Jet Fighters



5. F-14 D TOMCAT

F 14 - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
I absolutely love the codenames these jet fighters are assigned. The aircraft was designed for the United States Navy by Grumman. It is faster than the speed of sound and has twin engines with two seats. This guy first took its flight on the 21st December of 1970 and was later introduced in the September of 1974. Apart from the United States, this aircraft is used by Iran a well. The Tomcat used to be the primary air superiority fighter although it was retired from the Navy fleet in the September of 2006.



Dassault - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
This aircraft is the first in this list to come from France. It is twin-engine fighter. This guy flew for the first time on the 4th July of 1986 and was introduced later (fourteen years later actually) in December of 2000. It used by the French Air Force and Navy and Indian Air Force. This particular fighter has been used in combat over Afghanistan and Libya. With semi-stealth capabilities this is a perfect multirole combat aircraft and also is really cost effective. It can also be used in airborne nuclear deterrent missions.


3. SU-35

Su 35 - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
The Sujkhoi Su-35 comes from Russia and it is a single-seat fighter with twin engines. This guy is the derivative of the aforementioned Su-27. This fighter has been offered to Brazil, India and South Korea as well. The Su-35 took its first flight on the 19th February of 2008 and is still in production. With greatly enhanced avionics and longer range and improved maneuverability, I think that spending over $45 million on a single unit is pretty understandable. Actually, the costs can go as high as $65 million per uinit; sigh!



<div style="float:right;width:150px;padding:6px;border:1px solid #ccc;margin-left:6px;"><strong>AT A GLANCE</strong> Mike Turner, 57, CEO since 2002 Country: Britain Sector: Aerospace and defense Sales   &euro; 16  billion Net Income &euro; 851 million </div>BAE Systems is finally on target. Europe's largest defense contractor, a product of a 1999 merger between British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems, struggled for years with cost overruns and reorganization expenses. But last year was a turning point. Tighter management yielded profits from ongoing projects while Chief Executive Mike Turner shelled out $4 billion to buy Arlington (Va.)-based United Defense, maker of the Bradley fighting vehicle. With defense spending stagnant in Europe, BAe is pinning its hopes on the Pentagon, which now accounts for about 40% of sales. In line with that strategy, Turner is further sharpening BAe's focus on defense. On June 8, BAe announced it had exercised an option to sell its 20% stake in commercial jet maker Airbus to the European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co., which owns 80% of Airbus. The sale could yield more than $5 billion&mdash;an ample warchest for more acquisitions. &mdash;Carol Matlack
This is a multirole fighter with twin engines and it was manufactured by Eurofighter GmbH. This aircraft currently serves the Austrian Air Force, German Luftwaffe, Italian Air Force, Spanish Air Force, British Royal Air Force and Saudi Royal Air Force. It took its first flight on the 27th March of 1994 and was introduced in August of 2003. Remember the EF2000? It’s a game. Again, didn’t like it much.


1. F-22 RAPTOR

F22 - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
If you are into jet fighters and air technology, I am pretty sure you guys guessed who would take the top spot. This particular fighter comes from the United States of America. This guy was manufactured by Lockheed Martin and Boeing and boy this is an amazing machine. It is an air superiority fighter and with everything else, it is almost invisible to the radar which makes it easy to penetrate the enemy territory. It took its first flight on the 7th September of 1997 and was introduced in December of 2005. You should know that the F22 Raptor fleet has reported problems with the oxygen system since 2010.

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