Top Ten Jet Fighters

I am a crazy fan of jet fighters and I am sure most of you guys out there will share the same feeling. What attracts me about a fighter plane is its agility and the awesome design. Below is a list that is purely based on opinions. If your favorite plane is not included in the list, please let us know in the comments along with why you think it should have been a part. Enjoy the read!



Su 27 - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
This particular fighter comes from the Soviet Union and it took its first flight on the 20th May of 1977. It was introduced in the December of 1984. The aircraft was designed by Sukhoi. It has a range of 3,530 kilometers with heavy armament and very sophisticated avionics. It is usually used for air superiority missions. It was built to tackle the F-15 Eagle by the United States (discussed below). There are many different variations of this fighter available to Russian Air Force. The fighter is also used by the Chinese and Ukraine.



F 18 - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
Did you guys play the game? I did and didn’t really like it. Anyway, this is a multirole fighter. The fighter comes from the United States of America and it took its first flight on the 29th November of 1995. It was introduced in the year 1999. Another variant of this fighter is the EA-18G Growler. It can carry air-to-air missiles as well as air-to-surface weapons and has an internal 20 mm gun. It was designed by McDonnell Douglas initially. Apart from the United States, Australia also use these fighters.



F 16 - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
This is a multirole jet fighter that was originally designed by the General Dynamics. It was designed for the United States Air Force. It took its first flight on the 2nd February of 1974 while it was actually introduced four years later in the August of 1978. There are many different variations of this particular aircraft. For this particular plane, the pilots themselves use ‘Viper’ instead of the original ‘Fighting Falcon’. The fighter production is not under the Lockheed Martin since General Dynamics sold their aircraft manufacturing business to Lockheed Corporation.


7. F-15 C EAGLE

F 15 - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
This is tactical fighter with twin engines and it was designed by McDonnell Douglas. Its role is air superiority. Eagle took its first flight on the 27th July of 1972 and was introduced almost four years later in the January of 1978. This plane is used by the United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Israel and it has four main variants; F 15 E Strike Eagle, F 15 STOL/MTD, F 15 SE Silent Eagle and Mitsubishi F 15 J. Even though USAF has much better aircrafts in their arsenal, this particular fighter is all set to remain in service till after 2025.


6. MIG-35

Mig 35 - Top Ten Jet Fighters around the World
This fighter plane comes from Russia and it was developed by Mikoyan. Mig-35 took its first flight somewhere in the year 2007. It is a development from Mig-29M/M2 and Mig-29K/KUB and is classified as 4++ generation jet fighter by the developers. This particular plane is single seated and this one has superior weapon systems and greatly improved avionics with a new radar technology. The total number produced of these aircrafts is currently unknown to us.


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  1. Read this cause I was bored, but you should go play the Ace Combat series, as well as the Air Force Delta games. There was another outlandish game for the Xbox, but I don’t quite remember.

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