Top Ten Funny Urban Legends


5. Walt Disney was a Nazi

This is probably one of the stranger urban legends to center around a celebrity. According to myth Walt Disney was in some way involved with the Nazi party. Rumors persist that he was a spy, a financier, and even one of Hitler’s closest advisors. However, there appears to be absolutely no proof that Walt Disney was ever involved with the Nazi party. In fact it would be very hard to rectify all the work Disney did in public with the ideals of the Nazi party.


4. John Wayne’s Body was Frozen

Cryogenics was a fad that came to prominence in the early 1980’s. The theory behind cryogenics was that if you froze a person shorty after they died then some time in the far future they could be revived and given a new life. While the science behind this idea may have merits, the idea that John Wayne was placed in cryogenic stasis is very unlikely.


3. Elvis Faked his Death

Even several decades after his death people still love the King. It is this love for the man and his music that is behind one of the most enduring American Urban Legends. Elvis Presley left this world in 1977 but since his death there have been millions of Elvis sightings. Some of these sightings were definitely people seeing an Elvis impersonator and others were probably fla- out lies, but this doesn’t stop people believing that the King is still out there singing Love Me Tender as he walks along a darkened street.


2. They are going to tax email

During the booming birth of the internet a lot of questions about online purchasing came to the forefront of public discussion. One of the main topics of discussion was if states could impose sales tax or not. This conversation eventually led to the wide spread email forwarded myth that congress was going to pass laws that placed a tax on email communication. The theory behind it was that because email would reduce the amount of letters people sent to one another the government would have to make up the budget shortfall in some way. The truth is that this was just another myth and congress never actually tried to place a tax on email.


1. Stop Water Now

Dihydrogen Monoxide is in fact a colorless, tasteless, and scentless substance and it does actually cause the death of thousands of people each year. One the flip side Dihydorgen Monoxide is also vital to our survival and any person who goes more than three days without drinking water runs a serious risk of dying from dehydration. Dihydrogen Monoxide is actually the chemical compound that creates water the stuff that every one of us uses every single day and generally without incident. However, while water is a necessary part of our lives, the myth persists that a group of pranksters got together to form a petition to lower the amount of dihydrogen monoxide in our world and supposedly they even got a government to pass legislation about the horrors of this substance. I guess those senators should have paid more attention in science class.

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