Top Ten Fantasy Authors

The fantasy genre has gained a great deal of popularity in recent years due to the success of films such as Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter movies. It’s hard to believe that at one time the fantasy genre was considered a sub-genre of Science Fiction and didn’t really gain its own identity until the 70’s. Some literature purists will insist that fantasy novels shouldn’t even be published and lack any real contribution to the art of reading, but whether they like it or not Fantasy is here to stay and will continue to gain popularity.


10. Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb is a relative new comer to the scene of Fantasy but in her time she has managed to make a very big name for herself. Her books are extremely character driven and she creates very unique worlds in which to place her stories. While she may lack the depth of some of the other authors on this list, she tells a very solid story that is worth the time it takes to read the book.


9. Terry Brooks

Author of the Shannara books and the Magical Kingdom books, Terry Brooks is a staple of fantasy literature. While his Shannara books definitely some of his deepest and best work, any book he has written is going to be a good read. If there is any real fault you can find with Brooks it’s that he hasn’t written enough books.


8. Terry Goodkind

Terry Goodkind first appeared with the bestselling Wizard’s First Rule and since then has published many volumes in his Sword of Truth series. What make Goodkind stand out from other authors is that he combines a gritty and dangerous world with an easy to read style that is surprising for a work of such depth. If you are in the mood for books that make you ponder the role of morality and ethics in everyday life this is a series you will love.


7. Mercedes Lackey

Some people criticize Mercedes Lackey as being too fluffy and too light to be considered a serous force within the fantasy genre. What her detractors do not take into consideration is how popular she is and how good she is at her craft. Her books are definitely light and easy to read, but her characters are deep, her stories compelling and when you finish one of her books you can’t help but have a warm feeling in your heart and a small smile on your lips. Lackey may not be breaking new ground but she tells one heck of a good yarn.


6. Robert Jordan

Author of the tremendously popular Wheel of Time Series, Robert Jordan was the leading force in fantasy for decades. Even after his death his legacy lives on and there are many who consider him the greatest fantasy author of all time. Jordan may deserve to be higher on this list, but when he is stacked up against the others the fact is that his work has not had the impact on the genre these others have. If he had not died when he did it is very possible he would have made even more of a contribution to the genre.


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  1. No Joe Abercrombie means its not s great list. He’s close to grrm’s level but not as long between books.

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