Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters




Gordon - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
I am sure you are familiar with this name. He is Gordon Freeman, who appeared in Half-Life in 1998. He has ginger hair and wears thick framed glasses. He became a gaming icon soon after his debut. He is a physicist and battles against humans and alien forces. He is part of the team that messes up the experiment and opens up a portal that releases weird beings into the world that he battles with later. I played this game a long time ago. It installed itself with Counter Strike.



The Nameless One - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
He appeared in Planescape: Torment. The game was released in 1999, and boy did he redefine epic for me at that time. He is basically immortal and knows nothing about his past. The clues he has about his past, are the tattoos on his body; a body full of scars. You keep playing the game and you realize that he has had a tormented past. He has lived many lives only to painfully die in the end. He returns for revenge. The game was quite fantastic considering the time when it was released. Love this dude!



Shodan - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
Shodan first appeared in System Shock in 1994. He is probably the most terrifying, disturbing and really memorable evil, video games has ever seen. It started with being a computer core. What you do, is you hack her and turn her into the thing she is. You never really see her in the game and that is perhaps the most terrifying aspect of her. I wonder why I am using her, it should be ‘it’. But you will too, when you actually play the game. The game is chilling to the very core, and is a must play. Do try it if you haven’t already.



Mario - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
This little monster appeared first in Donkey Kong which came out in 1981 and there is absolutely no way that you are not familiar with him. Well, that actually depends on what age group you belong to. I don’t even feel the need to introduce this guy. He missed the top spot by a dent. He was created by Shigeru Miyamoto. He is also the mind behind Link who is mentioned above. You guys should know that he was first introduced as Jumpman.



Lara Croft - Top Ten Coolest Video Game Characters
Ah, who does not know her? She is Lara Croft, featured for the very first time in Tomb Raider, released in 1996. She is perhaps one of the youngest video game characters of her kind. She is dynamic, beautiful, reckless and seriously hot. She was even a probable reason for the success of the franchise. Imagine a heavily built dude instead of her; doesn’t appeal that much now does it? What’s even better you ask? The movie. Angelina Jolie, pulled every little bit of Lara Croft off with perfection, wouldn’t you agree?

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