Top Ten Car Care Tips

5. Check Lights

Car Lights are more a safety consideration than a mechanical one, but they are still important. Lights are used both to drive in the dark and to alert other motorists to your intentions in traffic. Many accidents have happened because someone wasn’t aware their lights were not working properly. To test your lights have a friend stand outside your car while you turn each light on and off, if any light does not light up, take it in to have the problem fixed as soon as you can.


4. Pay Attention to the Check Engine Light

The check engine light may seem like it was put in your car simply to annoy you but it is designed to be your first warning that your car is not working correctly. Many times a check engine light will go on and people will ignore it because there is no sign of a significant problem and the truth is there probably isn’t a big problem at that point. However, if the problem isn’t corrected this will eventually cause a much bigger problem. It can be inconvenient to take a care in every time a check engine light turns on, but it is much more inconvenient for you to lose your car for several days while it gets and expensive repair done.


3. Service Your Radiator

The radiator and all the associated systems serve the purpose of keeping your car from getting too hot or  too cold. Over time the fluid that runs through the radiator and the engine becomes less effective at its job and this can eventually lead to either an engine overheating or an engine freezing and cracking. For this reason you should remember to have your radiator serviced.


2. Have a Mechanic inspect Your vehicle Once a Year

The truth about cars is that they will eventually break down but with proper maintenance these breakdowns can largely be prevented. One of the best people to go to with car concerns are the mechanics who have the training and know how to recognize even the smallest problem and fix them. It is never easy to pay a mechanic because many people don’t understand what they do, but a bill for a mechanic to inspect your vehicle is almost always going to be lower than the bill will be for a large repair.


1. Pay attention to Weird Noises

Cars make noise, it’s part of how you know they are working, but when a car makes a weird noise that can mean there is a problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s a strange squeak when you open the car door, a loud thump when you turn left or a rattle in the back seat, any noise that is unusual should be investigated. More often than not these noises are harmless, but it is always best to double check on things before costing yourself a great deal of time and money.

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