Top Ten Books Turned into Movies

5. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is a light hearted story about love and is one of the few movies that was actually better than the book. The book was good, but the movie was simply better. The Princess Bride is considered a bit of a cult movie, but actually does appeal to a very wide audience. If you are looking for a good movie for a date night, you can do far worse than the Princess Bride.


4. Blade Runner

Based on the Novella Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Blade Runner is a science fiction classic starring Harrison Ford as a man tasked with hunting down robots who don’t wish to die. As expected the robots don’t go down without a fight, but our hero eventually prevails. The premise may seem a bit underwhelming but the movie tells the story in with gritty visual effects. What makes Blade Runner worth watching is not only the fact it is a fun movie to watch but that it does make us to think about what makes us human.


3. The Road

Anyone who read this book before it was made into a movie probably thought that any attempt at making it a film would be disastrous. This book is told entirely in present tense and its imagery is best described as bleak. Maybe it’s the genius of Vigo Mortensen acting or the brilliant film crew, but whatever it is, The Road is simply a stunning movie that will leave you feeling a knot in your stomach by the end.


2. The Grinch who Stole Christmas

The Christmas classic the Grinch who Stole Christmas was made into a very entertaining animated TV movie back in the 60’s but was given the four star treatment in 2000. Starring Jim Carey as none other than the Grinch. Ron Howard not only manages to not fall on his face with this film but create a classic Christmas film. If you are someone who refuses to watch movies based on a book because the book is always better you might want to relent on that ideal a little and sit down to enjoy this one.


1. The Lord of the Rings

It was a common held belief that there any attempt at filming a live action version of these books would result in utter catastrophe. J.R.R. Tolkien himself believed the Lord of the Rings to be impossible to film. Yet Peter Jackson and company pulled off the impossible and turned the Lord of the Rings into one of the most significant theatrical releases in history. This movie is beyond amazing and easily winds up on the top of almost any list about movies. Yes, there are those who will bemoan the absence of Tom Bombadil until the end of time, but most people agree these movies are amazing.

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