Top Ten Books to Buy a New Baby

The birth of a new baby is an exciting, refreshing time. Suddenly the world seems new and your filled with revived energy to experience everything. It’s also an opportunity to mold the mind of a brand-new person. While this could go very wrong, very quickly, you can start with a good foundation by giving every little one in your life these ten books. This mini library is filled with important lessons, lovable characters, and just really good stories to keep the baby entertained.


10. The Lorax:


He is the Lorax he speaks for the trees, for the trees have no tongue. This is the quintessential line from one of Dr. Seuss’s most beloved stories. In this book a grumpy little animal called the Lorax confronts the environment-destroying owner of a massive factory complex. The Oncler, as this owner is called, has come to the beautiful home of the Lorax it started chopping down the trees in order to create the most useless useful object ever. In doing so he also pollutes the air and the water, which forces all of the animals to move on. This story teaches about environmentalism, responsibility, and the hope that things can always change.


9. How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head:

Have you ever felt like you lived in a world that didn’t understand you? In this book Droofus is a dragon who lost his way as a baby. Separated from his family, he had to learn to make his own way in the world. This included rejecting eating other living creatures and becoming the only vegetarian dragon the kingdom had ever seen. Though he was kind and gentle, he was still a dragon. This meant that people feared him. When the king put a bounty on his head, poor Droofus didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, he finds friendship and the son of a kind farmer and together they figure out a way to give the King of the dragon head that he wants, earn enough money to save the family, and still keep Droofus happy. This is a story of love and acceptance, and being who you are.


8. The Giving Tree:

This is one of those books sure to pull on the heartstrings. It tells the story of a young boy who loves a tree. Together the boy and his tree live a happy life. He plays with the tree, eats from the tree, rests in the shade of the tree, and talks to the tree. As he ages, though, as too often happens, he begins to forget his tree. The tree continues to love him, however, and gives up everything to make him happy. In the end we learn that it’s love that really persists. Everything else is transient, but those that love us will always be there for us. 


7. Corduroy:

A little girl’s teddy bear is a precious possession. In this story we meet Corduroy, a curious little bear who lives in a department store. One day he meets Lisa. Lisa has always wanted a teddy bear just like Corduroy. When her mother tells her that they don’t have the money to buy him, Lisa figures out a way to get the money herself, and returns for Corduroy. Now Corduroy has a real home and someone who loves him. Lisa even repairs the broken button on his overalls. This is a heartwarming story of everyone having a place and loving others for who they are.


6. The Sleep Book:

New parents might think that sleep is a thing of the past. This book, however, was written as the perfect bedtime companion. Dr. Seuss wrote this story to encourage a good nighttime routine and lull children off to sleep. Soon little ones will know that “the time for night brushing of teeth is at hand” and will be ready to drift off.

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