Top Ten Annoying Things About Computers

5. Hardware Issues

Along with software issues hardware issues are enough to drive even the calmest person to the brink of throwing their computer across the room in a fit of rage. While the annoying thing about software is that it doesn’t work and can be a pain to get working, hardware issues can mean your computer doesn’t work at all. For many of us a hardware problem can be the same as having a completely broken computer. Thankfully however there are people who do know how to fix most hardware issues and while it costs money having a computer fixed is generally less expensive than buying a new computer.


4. Computers Break to Easy

No one expects a computer to take a bullet and still keep on working, but most of us do expect the computer to keep working even if it’s been banged around a bit. Computers are not near as sensitive as they used to be when having a little too much static built up could fry one, but they still are to easy to mess up. Anyone with kids knows that all it takes is a drink being spilled (even with the no drinks at the computer rule) for a computer to become useless, and more than one person who has been rushing to work has dropped their computer and had it break that way. Computers will never be indestructible but it would be nice if they could take a bit of abuse without breaking.


3. Viruses

Almost every computer user on the planet lives in fear of the fact that at any moment their computer can be attacked by a virus. Whether the virus in question is a fairly harmless adware program that you installed on accident or a truly malicious piece of software that steals personal information, viruses are a major problem all over the world. Computer viruses cost billions of dollars every year and it is unlikely there will ever be a virus proof computer ever made. There are steps you can take to protect yourself against viruses but there are times no matter what you do, your computer winds up with one.


2. Computers are Obsolete the Moment you buy them.

There may be nothing more annoying to a computer user than to go out and spend a large sum of money on a computer only to find out a month later that there are already computers twice as good as the one they bought. This may be a bit of exaggeration, but that tis exactly how it feels to millions of users all over the world. While we want computers to keep improving and performing better, it can be a bit annoying to spend a lot of money on a machine only to feel like you need to replace it in six months.


1. They create more work

There is a myth out there that computers save time and increase productivity. Anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis knows that this statement is absolutely not true. Since computers have become commonplace at both work and home it seems like we are being asked to do more by our employers and families and all of this is because of the computer. Sure, computers do a lot to make our lives easier and allow us to get more done, but there is something to be said about being able to relax at home without having to answer your bosses email.

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