Top Ten Annoying Things About Computers

The computer is considered by many to be one of the greatest inventions in human history and perhaps they are. Computers have in many ways improved our daily lives and brought changes to virtually every facet of human existence. The way we work, play, and communicate with each other has changed drastically because of computers and they are likely to continue to play a prominent role in our world for quite some time. Yes, computers are definitely useful, but they have their share of problems and the following list discusses some of them.


10. They need electricity

Computers are a great tool and have so many uses that it can be a bit mind boggling. However, one of the biggest problems with computers is that they require some form of electricity to work. While lap tops answer this problem a little bit, even they have a limited functionality when there is not a source of power nearby. True, electricity is not a real issue in most of the developed world but it only takes a power outage at the wrong time to ruin a day’s work and this can definitely be annoying.


9. They can shut Down without Warning

This issue relates a bit to the fact that electricity can suddenly go out but computers shut down for a whole list of reasons of which lack of electricity is only one. Everyone who uses computers frequently has had a time when they were working on something important when the computer suddenly decided it needed to shut down for some reason. The reason the computer decided to shut down doesn’t really matter when you lose all the work you had been working on. While most operating systems do have built in save features for this problem, they don’t always work.


8. Computers can be Addictive

When someone speaks of addiction most people naturally think of drugs. What many people are not aware of is that computer addiction is a growing problem in not only th U.S. but the world. More and more people are spending more and more time on their computers and this isn’t likely to stop any time soon. The addiction issue isn’t just about video games either, there are people who spend every waking moment on their computer without ever touching a single game.


7. Computers Change to Fast

Computers are constantly changing the way they work and how they do that work. Most of the time the average user won’t notice these changes but the ones they do notice can be very annoying indeed. It wasn’t that long ago that every computer came with a small drive that was called a floppy drive and it wasn’t really that long ago that floppy disks were actually floppy. While the major changes most users notice are generally for the better, it can take time for people to adjust to these changes.


6. Software Issues

Everyone has had the experience of buying new software and then when they got home it didn’t work. Most of us have banged our heads in frustration as we tried in vain to figure out why. Finally we gave up and called customer service and most of the time they couldn’t help us and so we head back to the store and find out that they don’t refund software programs. Software issues are getting less common but they are still one of the most annoying things anyone has had to deal with.

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