Top Ten Ancient Unusual Weapons

“Permit me not to languish out my days, But make the best exchange of life for praise. This arm, this lance, can well dispute the prize; And the blood follows, where the weapon flies” – Virgil, from the Aeneid

Mankind has always had its instinct to anger and fight. The dark side hence humans have always been fighting and been in wars. The use of weaponry in fights and wars has had its distinct and monotonous tastes. In the list I have mixed up for you, gives a very thorough research on the most unusual and weird weapons ever used in the history of mankind. Enjoy!


10-The Dagger Axe

This ‘daggeraxe’ was used as an old Chinese martial arts weapon with an halberd design to bring down your opponent in the war. These could hack off the legs of multiple enemies in a single stroke. Once he’s on his back you could finish him off with the spear point. These daggers, long in length with three pointed iron endings were a invention weird enough to be belonging to Chinese!


9- The Tessen

Also an old Chinese trick to use in wars or fights, the tessen’ or the usual folding fans used by Chinese women with outer spokes made of   iron and designed to look harmless and ordinary. Samurai’s used to use it when weapons were not allowed and using them in fights feigning the enemy to believe it as an ordinary fan. Creative, huh? Chinese have always been unusual in their approach to creativity and this iron spoke fan is a proof!


8- The Chakram

Yes it may seem like a pretty frisbee but believe me you don’t want to mess with that-Chakram as they say. Chakram had its origin in India where it was used by Indian high ranked Sikhs. This weirdly deadly weapon is thrown vertically rather than horizontally with a horrifying  foot in diameter and thick in body.The adorable round cute weapon is capable of slicing of your enemy’s arm and leg. Yes, chop chop! (no it can’t be used for cutting meat ladies).


7- The Bat Balloon

This ridiculous idea of saving up bats to attach bombs to them and throw them from this inflated hot air balloon, invented by the Americans, was carried out in the wake of pearl harbor. These bats spread out to the enemies territory, infesting in the houses and important facility causing the whole area to burn down and into the ashes. Bizarre it maybe, but proved beneficial to the Americans. Their use was stopped due to increase in number of bats and the development of the atomic bomb.


6- The Tekko-kagi Claws

An ancient Ninja weapon, made from aluminum, iron and steel, tekko-kagi claws were used in defense to protect yourself from sword attack  and when used offensively you could end up with devastatingly painful results.Originated when the Bushi in Okinawa, Japan began wielding the steel shoes of their horses as a means of self-defense against assailants.


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