Top 10 Sitcoms of All Time

There are many TV shows and sitcoms in production to choose from these days. There are many classics and there are a few good ones. This particular list discusses the top ten TV sitcoms to ever air on National Television based on popular opinion. The list is unbiased. You must be familiar with a lot of the following shows and are probably following a few that are still in production. In my personal opinion, FRIENDS was the best show ever but that’s just an opinion. You guys are welcome to let us know what you think and which particular show deserves the top spot. If you are new to sitcoms, you should start by the following ones. Enjoy the read!



Mad About You - Top Ten Sitcoms of All Time
This particular sitcom aired on NBC on the 23rd September in year 1992. The show continued till 24th May year 1999. It is an American sitcom and it stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. They are a newlywed couple living in New York City. As the show neared its end, the couple had a baby daughter named Mabel. The show focuses only newlywed couples and how they deal with the different problems. The show is very realistic and absolutely hilarious. The show was created by Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson.



Yes, Dear - Top Ten Sitcoms of All Time
This sitcom aired for around six years from 2nd October, 2000 to 15th February, 2006. Yes, Dear was aired on CBS and it starred Anthony Clark, Jean Louisa Kelly, Mike O’Malley and Liza Snyder. Yes, Dear was created by Greg Garcia and Alan Kirschenbaum. Clark plays Greg Warner who is a motion picture executive along with Kelly who plays Kim Warner; she is a stay-at-home mother. Kim’s sister Christine Hughes is played by Snyder and her husband is played by O’Malley; he plays the character Jimmy Hughes.



Dharma and Greg - Top Ten Sitcoms of All Time
The show aired from 24th September, 1997 to 30th April, 2002 and is an American sitcom. The show stars Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson as Dharma and Greg Montgomery respectively. They are couple who got married after their first date even though they were complete opposites. The show was created by Dottie Dartland and Chuck Lorre. A total of five seasons with 119 episodes were produced each running for around 22 minutes. The show earned eight Golden Globe, six Emmy and six Satellite award nominations.



Just Shoot Me - Top Ten Sitcoms of All Time
The show aired on NBC from 4th March, 1997 to 16th August, 2003. A total of seven seasons were run with 148 episodes. Just Shoot Me! was created by Steven Levitan and it starred Laura San Giacomo, George Segal, Wendie Malick, Enrico Colantoni and David Spade. The show is all about a fashion magazine Blush and it centers around Maya Gallo who is a feminist writer. The character is played by Laura San Giacomo.



Cougar Town - Top Ten Sitcoms of All Time
This is an American sitcom that started airing from 23rd September, 2009 on ABC. The show will continue airing on TBS from early 2013. Cougar Town is set in Florida which is nicknamed Cougar Town. Cougar Town was created by Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel and it stars Courteney Cox, Christa Miller, Busy Phillipps, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez and Brian Van Holt. So far three seasons have been run with a total of 61 episodes each running for an estimated 22 minutes. Needless to say, the show will continue.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Sitcoms of All Time

  1. How can the best 10 sitcoms of ALL TIME not include anything prior to the 90s? Biased much?

    I take it “based on popular opinion” means ratings? That means that because there were more people on earth to watch TV for the last 20 years all the best shows must be from the last 20 years?

    If you are going to use ratings to choose the best (most popular) then it should be on a percentage share not a strict numerical count. It’s like when they rate the top grossing movies of all time, they have to account for inflation. In this case the inflation is the population and number of households with access to a television.

  2. Im 39 and I grew up watching reruns of Car 54 Where Are You:
    Seriously guys… If you havent seen this, make it a point to find it and watch it. It may not technically be a “sitcom” because its not about 6 friends living in an apartment in New York coming to terms with things, but it’s the funniest writing, acting and delivery you’ll ever see.

  3. Friends is a great show, but definitely not first. How can you put anything on here above Seinfeld, Frasier, King of Queens, Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond….

  4. You’re dead wrong- MY top ten Sitcoms of all time:

    10.”Who’s the Boss?”
    7.”Home Improvement”
    5.”Everybody Loves Raymond”
    4.”The Honeymooners”
    3.”All in the Family”
    2. “I love Lucy”
    1. “The Andy Griffith Show”

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