Top 10 Places to Visit in 2012

The year 2012 is full of activities and excitement. This particular list goes out to all the travellers out there. We discuss the top ten cities for you to visit this year. I am pretty sure you can guess which city will take the first spot; it is obvious. These cities cover fun activities, fun getaways and relaxing vacations and even parties. Choose your style, pick a city, plan your vacation and have a blast. I hope you enjoy the read!



Melbourne - Top Ten Places to Visit in 2012
Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria and takes the second spot when it comes to total population in Australia. The city was founded in 1835 and is referred to as the cultural capital of Australia. It has been ranked as the World’s Most Liveable City. Melbourne is home to the World’s Largest Tram Network. If you are into cricket, you must know that Melbourne Cricket Ground which happens to be very famous. The city is spread on an area of 8,806 square kilometers and has a population of 4,137,432.



Marseille - Top Ten Places to Visit in 2012
This happens to be the second largest city in France. Now, when one generally speaks of France, Paris is the only thing that comes to mind. Marseille is on a different level though. It is very edgy, rich in culture, and very Mediterranean. The city is not very popular with tourism yet, which in my opinion is good thing. There’s a lot of history and charm, good museums and a Basilica for you to climb up to in order to have good views of the city. It’s best if you go and explore the city now, soon it will be crawling with tourists.



Hong Kong - Top Ten Places to Visit in 2012
You know Paris is the fashion capital of the world. Well, for the East the fashion capital has to be the city of Hong Kong. If you must know, this particular city was under British rule for the better part of century the city is full of culture. Beautiful sights, amazing food and aroma surround you as you take a walk on the streets. The city offers astonishing views over the harbor and the city has absolutely everything to offer to everyone. It is impossible to not being able to enjoy Hong Kong, it’s that good.



Cartagena - Top Ten Places to Visit in 2012
I am sure you were not expecting this city to be mentioned in this list. If you are into beaches and parties, than this is the place to be at. The place is very culturally rich and the beach getaway it provides is absolutely amazing. Fantastic beaches along the Caribbean coast, incredible food, beautiful women and the warm music coupled with ancient architecture and art. Does that sound amazing to you or what? Moreover, if you are bored of all these activities, you could always go fishing if you feel like it, or you could just relax.



New York City - Top Ten Places to Visit in 2012
New York City is one of the major cities of the world. It also happens to be the top tourist spot in United States. The city attracts around 47 million international and local tourists in a year. NYC is the most populated city of the United States. With significant impact on commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, technology, research, education and entertainment it is global power city. It also is the home of United Nations Headquarters. Be sure to check the list on the famous tourist spots here and I hope you have fun.


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