Top 10 Worst Fads of All Time



5. Lava Lamp

One of the more popular fad items of all time will probably have to be the lava lamp. Created in 1960’s, the lava lamp was considered tacky by some people but as genius by others. Basically, it is a glass lamp that contains heated wax sitting in water that moves around like a blob. These blogs slowly make their way from the top of the lamp to the bottom and continues to do this while it is on. It can be quite a site to look at and today you can still find a few in people’s homes.


4. Black Light

Back in the 1960’s, black lights quickly took off in popularity- especially in clubs. People would have fun by painted themselves with fluorescent paint and then standing under these lights so that they could glow. Somehow, this fad managed to carry itself over into the 1980’s and can still be found in various clubs and events today. Some people use black lights for all kinds of purposes. Detectives even use them to pass over bed sheets to determine if there is any male “evidence” on the bed sheets.


3. Smiley Buttons

Smiley buttons became very popular in the 1970’s. Two brothers, Bernard and Murray Spain, seized this idea and quickly placed them into a selling campaign as a novelty item. The package would come with two buttons, a t-shirt, and even a bumper sticker for your car. The phrase “Have a Happy Day” could be found on these smiley buttons and you can occasionally see them today.


2. Pet Rock

Pet rocks became very in the 1970’s and had a relatively short lifespan of six months before they faded in popularity. The “Rock” would even come with a training manual that would provide the owner with all of the instructions needed to properly care for their “Pet”. The manual could contain all kinds of commands that you could use to treat your pet. For example, there were commands that included “roll over”, “stay”, and even “sit”. Needless to say, the pet rock wouldn’t do anything but sit there.


1. Baby on Board

Last but not least, we have the Baby on Board, a fad that was extremely popular in 1985. Their decline started in 1986 but this didn’t take away from the epic run they had. But even after 1986, their popularity continued in Europe and even New Zealand. They included different versions of the Babe on Board including the “Little Person on Board” and “Princess on Board” so show children how to behave in public. There is a rumor that claims that the death of a baby became the inspiration for the Baby on Board fad.

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