Top 10 Wild Animals You Can Own



5. Mona Monkey

The Mona Monkey is from West Africa and weighs about 15 pounds. These pets can live well into their early 20’s, which is one reason they make for great exotic pets. Like any monkey, they love to climb on things. It is suggested that you build a private enclosure specifically designed for climbing if you plan on owning the Mona Monkey. Their diet is fairly simple and consists mainly of insects and fruits.


4. Hyacinth Macaw

While the Hyacinth Macaw can’t roller-skate or dance, they still make great pets. Most weigh about five pounds and they happen to be the largest species of Parrots in the world. Their wingspan is about four-feet and their beaks are so strong that some have been known to break apart cages. Most of these birds will outlive their owners so lifespan is the last thing you need to worry about when purchasing one. Their diets are relatively straightforward and they don’t require a lot of maintenance.


3. Reticulated Python

This species of snake happens to be one of the largest in the animal kingdom. However, this hasn’t stopped thousands of people from owning one as a pet. It is recommended that you purchase a large tank to raise them in. Adults don’t need to eat very often, probably once every two weeks or so. When they do eat, be sure to feed them rats, rabbits, and even mice that have already been killed. With Pythons, it is always a good idea to stay vigilant because some owners have been killed by their pets.


2. White Lion

The White Lion is one of the most expensive animals to purchase and maintain, according to Forbes. This animal can easily grow up to 500 pounds as it gets older, which can make it quite dangerous to own. It is recommended that you don’t keep them around other pets like puppies for example, because they carry a recessive gene that will cause them to see them as prey. Despite being considered a “wild” animal, White Lions can be relatively loyal.


1. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees share more DNA with human beings than any other species on the planet. They are incredibly smart and show remarkable similarity to people. A lot of exotic pet owners love owning them for these reasons. There have been Chimps that became unmanageable or problematic, some have even attacked their owners. However, they can be house-trained and most are smart enough to learn things quickly. If they can’t outwit you, they’ll figure out things by force.

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